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Fort Hajime

Fort Hajime is a roleplaying plot created June 27, 2017 by GM Ametheliana. Hajime means 'Begin' in Yamataigo (้‚ช้ฆฌๅฐ่ชž).

  • Link to Plot OOC Thread: Here

Status: This plot is open.

Plot Overview

Fort Hajime is a preparedness plot for new players with freshly made Nekovalkyrja or new recruits to the Star Army of Yamatai. Its focus is on the different training courses provided to newly enlisted personnel as well as socialization for Neko. It takes place in YE 39. This time will change as the players of the plot graduate and move on from Fort Hajime. It takes place in that period of time so that players may continue on to specialized training (which this plot does not provide) and go on to a plotship speedily.

Rules and Pacing

Put the following here in this section:

  • Format: SP and JP
  • Pacing and posting expectations (and what happens if player don't meet them)

Characters and Players

Player Characters/Major NPCs

Character Player Notes
Nakamaru Miho Ametheliana GM NPC
Miyamae Eriko Ametheliana GM NPC
Asami Ametheliana GM NPC

Trainees of Past

Character Player Notes
Nakaharo Yoshiko Kuznetsov PC
darwin_schultz trainscanflytoo PC

Minor NPCs

Character Physical Desc. Personality

Open Positions

All new players to the site are welcome to join with characters only freshly joined up to the Star Army!


Fort Hajime was built in anticipation of the Kuvexian War in YE 38.

GM Info

If you need to contact Ame for any reason, message her on SARP (Profile) or [email protected].

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