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ECS Sorella

ECS Sorella is aPlotship of the Elysians. Its GM is Zakalwe.


The Sorella is the first of the El-B1-1a Crataeis-class Command Ship designed and built by Veritas Shipyards.

It works independantly, largely autonomous from the rest of the Elysian Navy and taking missions either from their captain's intuition or directly from the The Elysian Senate.

The Sorella plotship is a fledgling plot which explores both the actions and the personality of the Elysian people as they try and reclaim some measure of power amongst the stars - likely to be a mix of Diplomacy, Action and Adventure. Its format is friendly to both SP and JP, with JP currently be the dominant factor. Schedualing is currently highly informal, and most important information is discussed over YIM.


The Sorella is currently on its first IC day, and the mission is just about to get going - it is a new ship of a new design - the Crataeis Class Command ship which is the single most advanced ship elysia has ever designed - a ship which is as living as the crew which lives within it. It was launched under the command of Commander Aripael Goriass from one of the Veritas Shipyards.


Sorella Mission 1 -

The Sorella is making first contact with a mysterious race apparently called the 'Ixari First Sprinters' (actually the Ixari Forerunners, but the translation technique is less then perfect), and to take action depending on what they discover there. Senator Aripael has been granted full diplomatic powers and the right to represent the interests of Elysia in this matter. He's loving it.

Ship's current location: Veritas.


Senator Aripael Goriass Captain Player: Zakalwe GMT: 0.

Armour Pilot Kalael Miriam Armour Pilot Player: Sekiko GMT: +9

Navigade Remiel Kalanin Pilot Player: Orion GMT: +9

Non-Player Characters:

Name: Yerael Tereil. Species: Elysian Archangel. Position: Power Armour Pilot. Appearance: Yereal is a physically imposing Patrician, standing 7’5” and being somewhat broader than the average archangel. He takes particular, almost obsessive, pride in his appearance, working out with most of his spare time, or working on his appearance. This being said he is strong – even for an archangel, and a very imposing creature. He’s also almost disgustingly handsome with statue-like features and shoulder length silky blond hair. Dress: Yereal, when he has the choice, wears clothing of expense greater than his means – there’s a reason why his family is almost in debt. As such they are usually compose of the finest cotton and silk, often weaved with gold thread or small gems. His wearing of multiple rings is often regarded as effeminate. Rather shockingly he has a ear-ring. Personality: Yereal is a true narcissist – taking this to a level approaching a mild form of psychosis. This being said there is a certain dichotomy about him – when on duty he seems capable of ‘suppressing’ his narcissistic side, at least down to the level of a normal Elysian Patrician. In this ‘on duty’ state he’s efficient and very capable in his position as a power armour pilot – his skills are what earned him a place on the flagship of Elysia. He likes kittens. Fluffy kittens. He adores his kitten, 'Flufiel', almost as much as he loves himself. Possession on their person: Yereal has an extensive wardrobe, a wide collection of mirrors and a large collection of jewellery. In addition to this he has the standard Elysian infantry equipment, along with his suit of Antheodon power armour and a customised mono-molecular longsword. Flufiel - a kitten genetically engineered to never grow up.

Name: Pelrael Oyroel.

Species: Elysian Plebeian. Position: Bridge Crew: Sensors. Appearance: Pelrael is a rather small, physically unimposing, Plebeian. He is thin and, even if he straightened up from his slouched position, stands only 5’5”. His hair is short and thin, his skin pale in a particularly unattractive fashion and on his back are a pair of particularly small and useless wings. His face looks as if it could be handsome – but it’s held in the wrong way. The only thing interesting about him are his eyes – which are bright and constantly scanning the surroundings. Dress: Pelrael has no interest in fancy clothing or impressing anyone, so he wears a particularly simple Iyko and I’Yaloh. In fact he owns the same one several times over – his wardrobe is filled with identical clothes. All of which have to be spotless. He owns formal clothes, but due to them being different he only wears them when necessary. Personality: Pelrael is something of an idiot-savant. Personality wise he is socially inept, taking little joy out of interacting with others but only from reading and analysing data and with a nigh on obssessive need for everything to be neat. However his ‘savant’ characteristics are considerable and are the reason why an otherwise inept person was given a place on Elysia’s flagship. He has an infallible memory and the capacity to analyse data, often several streams of data, at the same time and at speeds that while not comparing to that of modern computers greatly outstrip that of a normal person. His lends him to sensory work, but he also has a natural flair for languages – simply be reading through (fast) a languages dictionary and grammar book he can fluently speak a language (with rather strange pronunciation) in a day. He is quiet and unassertive, and while does not mind being drawn into a conversation is awkward and prefers to be by himself. Possession on their person: Pelrael doesn’t place much value in possessions, certainly not sentimental possessions, and is largely ascetic. He only owns what he is provided with, a very simply set of (identical) clothes and a library of data-pads.


Name: The Quenir Siblings. Independently Gerael, Werael and Ierael. Position: Bridge duty. Species: Elysian Plebeians Appearance: The Quenir Siblings are nigh on identical. Two of them are actually identical twins, the third of them is a fraternal twin who never the less is still almost indistinguishable. They stand 5'11 tall, and have slender, somewhat alien forms - even for Elysians. Their hair is worn down to the shoulders, their hair is blond and their eyes are a green-blue. In their own way they're rather attractive. Dress: Standard Elysian mesh uniform. Off duty they wear robes, matching obviously. They like grey-blue. Personality: The Quenir siblings are something or a rarity, even amongst a telepathic race such as the Elysians. They aren't truly independent and have never been separated from constant telepathic communication - in all fashions they operate like a separate entity. This makes them somewhat disconcerting to speak to since they either speak together of finish each others sentences. As this single entity which they effectively are they have a great love of beauty and grace, but are also very unassertive. Occasionally they assign different feelings to different bodies. They are polite to a fault. Possessions on Person: Clothing and some data-pads.


Name: Heerael Breniq Position: Power Armour Pilot. Species: Elysian Patrician. Appearance: Heerael is a relatively mundane looking Patrician. He’s certainly attractive enough, but he lacks a certain degree of inner confidence that would allow him take best advantage of this. He stands a good 7’3 and is of medium to heavy build, but his features are somewhat soft for an Elysian. His wings are particularly magnificent, and in the future he might be able to fly. He has the standard blue eyes, but has peroxide blond hair. Dress: Standard Elysian mesh uniform. Off duty he wears good quality, if rather simple, clothing. He likes to wear some low grade golden jewellery. Personality: Heerael is rather unusual, in that he’s a Patrician without much of the arrogance of the Patrician people. He’s generous, kind and genuinely caring – but also very passionate about his country and willing to do almost anything to help it. In conversation he is unassertive and rather soft-spoken. Possessions on Person: Clothing, personal weaponry and some jewellery.

Name: Enaiseal Othir. Position: Power Armour Pilot. Species: Elysian Patrician.

Name: Sonhael Artob. Position: Medic and scientist. Species: Elysian Patrician.

Name: Okhael Ahreel. Position: Power Armour Pilot. Species: Elysian Patrician.

Name: Amrunael Reron. Position: Power Armour Pilot. Species: Elysian Patrician.

Name: Ohael Okiel. Position: Power Armour Pilot. Species: Elysian Patrician.

Name: Emohrael Mezoab. Position: Power Armour Pilot. Species: Elysian Patrician.

Name: Ehetzial Lohpath. Position: Bridge Position: Tactial. Species: Elysian Patrician.

Name: Zenrelael Pasadas. Position: Bridge Position: Tactical. Species: Elysian Patrician.

Name: Ubernael Ataxtel. Position: Power Armour Pilot. Species: Elysian Patrician.

Name: Zmaahael Mderar. Position: Power Armour Pilot. Species: Elysian Patrician.

Name: Ubernael Ataxtel. Position: Bridge: General. Species: Elysian Patrician.

Name: Sontubael Esael. Position: Power Armour Pilot. Species: Elysian Patrician.

Name: Hodael Extuas. Position: Power Armour Pilot. Species: Elysian Patrician.

Name: Tapeael Otarsonei. Position: Power Armour Pilot. Species: Elysian Patrician.


Eighteen Anthedon Power Armour Power Armours.

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