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Chouteisha Squadron

The UOCPF-S1-01 Chouteisha Squadron or 'S1' is a division of the Peacekeeper Command Fleet, devoted to the defense of the United Outer Colonies. Under the assigned command of Vice Admiral Sean Richter and Commodore Yamamoto Maya, selected cadets training to become officers are put to the test in a combined in-field and instructional environment.

The 'S1' is officially assigned to patrolling the southern border sectors of the United Outer Colonies which is plagued by pirate and other activity that has become disruptive to cargo lines that pass through the region. The squadron is also available for Peacekeeper operations in other regions that are considered to be opportune for the cadets to prove themselves in their duty.

The eventual goal of the the training program is to have a permanent command staff in place for the squadron; the reward for graduation being the permanent command of ships within the squadron.

Plot Type

The plot is a slower paced action/social plot conducted by SP.

Chouteisha Squadron in Roleplay

Chouteisha Squadron is a plot ran by:

And can be found on the forums: here. The Out of Character Discussion thread can be found Here

Chouteisha Squadron's History

Beyond These Crowded Shores

Summary pending…

The Crucible

Summary pending… (Current Arc)

General Statistics

Unit ID:Chouteisha Squadron Home Port: Jiyuu System Assigned Resources: 7 Ayana-Class Escort

  • UCS Shinnen (Lead Ship)
  • UCS Kibou (White Team)
  • UCS Jizen (Blue Team)
  • UCS Kennin
  • UCS Seigi
  • UCS Sessei
  • UCS Shinchou


Cadets initially will be split into two teams, each team will select a team leader and will be assigned to their designated ship. The UCS Kibou is assigned to the White Team; the UCS Jizen is assigned to the Blue Team. Each Team will be go through a training rotation as follows:

  • Team Leader (CO)
  • Logistics
  • Operations
  • Engineering
  • Science and Medical

Each team member will spend one rotation period (time at the discretion of the flag officers) in each slot. At the end of the first semester team members will undergo an interview with the Vice-Admiral to determine specialization. There will be a final exam, the details of which will not be revealed until the final exam is announced.


NPC Instructors will be controlled by the GMs. Instructors are positioned to help the cadets build their skills and advance. An instructor can also take command of the ship or task at any second.

Evaluation and Inspection

The admiralty may call an inspection at any time, the state of the ships and the cadets will be evaluated. Failing anything involved with an inspection can result in punishment at the discretion of the inspector.

White Team Roster

Blue Team Roster

Former Members

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