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EX-8 I "Katoikiapon"

Katoikiapon (lit. Home away from Home) is a decently sized Terrestrial planet, and the planet selected for initial colonization by the Elysians as part of their exodus from Veritas and Elysia. After some time, the planet is ready to hold the population for the time being, until Crucis is able to take on part of the load as well. The settlement (where the portion of the population which will move again is going to reside in) is located on the plateau near the planet's equator, though this is only a temporary location. Larger, more permanent cities have been built on the farthest eastern tip of the main continent, and the largest island (which is where the government in charge of running the colonization efforts will set up).


  • Type: Standard iron/silicate
  • Radius: 9147.67 km
  • Surface Area: 2.629 x 10e14 m2
  • Land Area: 4.84 x 10e8 km2
  • Mass: 2.613 x 10e24 kg
  • Density: 6.52 g/cm3
  • Composition: 28.9% oxygen, 27.1% aluminum, 20.0% iron, 17.4% silicon, 6.7% other metals, trace other element


  • Gravity: 8.37 m/s2 (.85G)
  • Escape Velocity: 8.7 km/s


  • Period: 21.93 hours
  • Axis Tilt: 27.81 ยฐ


  • Water: 59 %
  • Ice: 16 %


  • Type: Dense breathable
  • Pressure: 132.90 kPa
  • Composition: 61 % Nitrogen, 32 % Oxygen, 9 % Argon, trace other gases


  • Type: Cool
  • Min Temp: 204 K (-68 ยฐC)
  • Avg Temp: 286 K (13 ยฐC)
  • Max Temp: 369 K (96 ยฐC)


  • Chemistry: Carbon
  • Lifeforms: Prokaryotic microbes
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