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Ayame's Nebula

The Ayame's Nebula is mostly in space claimed by the Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia, its fringes stretch across the border to the Yamatai Star Empire to the galactic east and south. The Elysian Celestial Empire is to the south, with the Kohana Cloud to the southeast. Kenichi’s Star is located within the nebula's eastern side in Yamatai Star Empire and it hugs the Kxi'ran System with its southern fringes.

The nebula is named after Ketsurui Ayame.


The Ayame's Nebula is a border region between the Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia and the Yamatai Star Empire. As of YE 43 both nations have sensor networks along their shared border.


The Ayame's nebula is a massive cloud of interstellar gases and dust.

The Ayame's Nebula is a Planetary Nebula formed around a set of binary red giant stars located near the center of the nebula. Similar to the Ketsurui Nebula, but without the neutron pulsar. A lone blue giant star sits on the western edge of the gas clouds, its UV emissions increase the ionization on that side of the nebula. The Ayame's Nebula is a surging mix of nebular gases driven by shifting gravitic and electrogravitic (Scalar Field) forces, some radioactive particles that have been laced on interstellar dust, and stellar matter discharge that becomes more intense as you move towards the center of the nebula. The nebula causes disruption of some sensors, communications, and propulsion systems. It is the perfect substrate for hiding the specialized sensor networks that both the Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia and Yamatai Star Empire deploy in the region.


The Ayame's Nebula is only reachable by starship or other craft. It is heavily patrolled by the Nepleslian Star Navy.


The nebula has no permanent residents.


These Characters are present in the nebula:1)

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