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Being a pirate is a potential occupation in the Star Army RP.

Piracy in the Star Army Universe

In the Star Army Role-Play, pirates have traditionally operated on the fringes of the Yamatai Star Empire's territory and in parts of Nepleslian space. In and around YSE's Kikyo Sector territories, most ships are fairly well protected by the Star Army of Yamatai's immediate presence.

The Abwehran Star Empire has an aggressive history against pirates, and due to the 101) years long Pirate Wars most Abwehrans view Pirates as a hated enemy to be defeated, rather than common criminals. Because of this, Pirate activity is actively, and thoroughly, hunted and crushed with great impunity. Only the bravest, ignorant, or foolhardy of criminals seek to plunder the space an Abwehran Ship claims jurisdiction.

The Iromakuanhe Astral Commonwealth has many space pirates operating inside of the Iruotl System.

Playing As A Pirate

Pirate crews, while generally having set jobs, often rely more on the ability of their crews to perform multiple jobs. Since they often do not visit port for weeks or months at a time, the ability of the crew to pull shifts on each others jobs or to take over for a wounded or dead crew member is necessary. Besides this fact, most crew members share the same skills as a regular military navy officer, though how they have acquired them may vary widely, since there is no pirate academy. Skills directly relating to their position on the ship is vital, and most have some underhanded skills under the 'Rogue' Type, as well as various other unrelated skills that could come in handy in a pinch, anything from cooking to demolitions is conceivably useful.

Approx. 36 standard Yamataian years

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