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Armies of the Precious Sword

The Armies of the Precious Sword (Kitsurugi) were the private military forces of Emperor Kitsurugi Uesu. They were from Yamatai (Planet). They were disbanded when the Star Army of Yamatai was formed. They consisted of ground forces composed of various species, and worked alongside the Army of Uesureya, the UE Spacy, and the USSDF.

There were four armies of the Precious Sword.

First Army

The First Army of the Precious Sword was commanded by Ketsurui Yuumi.

Second Army

The Second Army of the Precious Sword was led by General Ketsurui Yui in YE 14 against Elysian Celestial Empire in the Second Elysian War.

The 2nd Army itself was a small fighting force of about 200 Nekovalkyrja and elves (it was one of the private armies of the Emperor/Clan Kitsurugi), while the enemy, the Angels of Heaven seemed to be endless. There was even a rumor going around that the Angels had weapon that was equivalent of a NH-2 bioweapon. Ketsurui Chiharu had heard the stories and was both excited and terrified of what might happen, but still, she joined the Emperor's Army and prepared for the worst. She could remember marching through the blistering cold snow, dressed in silver armour, gold breastplate and heavy red cloak, with a spear strapped to her back and a long sword strapped to her side. The tireless marches were led by the โ€œGeneralโ€ of the army herself, barking out orders with her white cloak billowing in the wind behind her as marched onward or when she stopped every so often to appraise her troops with relentless blood red eyes from beneath a mask of grime and red war paint.
GSS Yui, Chiharu remembers the 2nd Elysian war

OOC Notes

Yui artwork by Wes.

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