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Lorath Standard Issue Canteen Kit

The 'Standard Issue Canteen Kit', or 'SICK' is a standard issue item for all LSDF personnel, and has also been widely circulated throughout the Lorath Matriarchy's population since the canteen went into production near the early portion of YE 30. The 'SICK' kit has been designed to incorporate rugged construction with new technology that adds a new range of capability to the standard issue canteen. This canteen has been designed to function as both a gas and liquid container, able to provide the needed essential material for space and for land survival.

  • 10 KS - Canteen with insulator sleeve, carrying equipment, and handle
  • 25 KS - Canteen with heating pack, cooling pack, insulator sleeve, and carrying equipment
  • 50 KS - Canteen liquid filtering and pressurizing kit
  • 50 KS - Canteen gas filtering and pressurizing kit
  • 200 KS - Full kit including all accessories and canteen

Note: Full kits are to be issued to LSDF personnel.



The 'SICK' has been designed to be utilized as a water container, a cooking pot, and as a gas container for the containment of air for vacuum operations. These are some of the basic functions of the unit, additional functions can be applied by users in the field.


Height: Eight inches. Width: At widest point, five inches. At four inches in the canteen's hight, the top gradually tapers. Thickness: Three inches, widening to four.

Canteen Construction


The container portion of the canteen is constructed primarily from stainless steel. The exterior of the container is primarily smooth and brushed, however, the sides of the container are textured to provide increased grip. The top sloped portion of the canteen is able to be unscrewed from the base. This allows for the canteen to become an open cup which can be utilized as a bowl or a safe to cook in container. A mounting point is also included to allow a belt loop, clasp, or handle to be attached to the canteen.


The interior of the water container is plated with a thin layer of treated copper alloy, designed to resist tarnishing and corrosion. The copper alloy has been included to prevent the spread of bacteria within the canteen due to potential backwash from the user in the process of drinking.


The container portion of the canteen has been observed in test conditions to endure up to 3100 PSI of pressure from exterior and interior sources. The container has also been impact tested and is able to repeatedly endure terminal velocity impacts without defect.


The plastic coated steel cap of the canteen has been designed to remain fixed onto the container with up to 3000 PSI of pressure within. The cap has also been designed to prevent the entrance of material in up to the same amount of pressure. The cap has also been designed to include a valve and connector which can allow for an exterior device to be attached.


Optional accessories for the canteen itself include the following:

  • Lanyard
  • Belt clip
  • Belt loop
  • Carry strap
  • Mini-hook cloth adhesive strip
  • Collapsible insulated handle
  • External insulator sleeve
  • Flip-top spout cap
  • Multi-pressure spray nozzle attachment.
  • Stick-on water-level indicator, functions by monitoring the external temperature of the canteen to determine where the water level is within the canteen.
  • Drinking tube compatible with common Lorath air breather and filter systems.
  • Uniform mountable drinking tube.
  • Magnetic strips for zero-g stability
  • Straw with no-leak valve
  • Adjustable heater pack able to heat container to 150C. Utilizes small power cell to power a heat-generating plate. Heater cell fixes onto the base of the canteen.
  • Adjustable cooler pack able to cool container to -50C. Utilizes small power cell to power a cooling-plate. Cooling cell can be fixed onto the base of the canteen.
  • Adapted SDI Water Filtration Device, engineered to filter to the picoscopic scale. Intake tube and pump included.
  • Liquid and gas pressurizer system.
  • Focused pressure release nozzle, suitable for high pressure stream release. Sustained stream or burst capable.
  • Atmosphere/Air filtering, recycling, and pressurizing system with regulator valve and connection for breather mask system. Picoscopic scale filtration.

OOC Notes

Authored by DocTomoe and approved by Wes on Mar 27, 20081)

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