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Common Lorath Computing Systems

In civilian and military applications, computing systems are essential to productivity and capability. Due to the Lorath's technological scale, computing technology has reached a state where it is common place to be able to access computer systems, and to be able to have access to high-end computing technology. The availability of computing technology takes a leap of advancement in relation to the military in comparison to civilian units.

Lorath Matriarchy Computer Network

The Matriarchy's computer network provides computer and electronic communications access to all Lorath citizens who wish to be able to utilize the technology. Essentially, the Matriarchy's network is a similar system to the Yamatai Star Empire's PANTHEON system. The matriarchy's network is capable of monitoring security systems, providing real-time information, allowing for military communication and coordination, and providing essential infrastructure for communications. Access to the matriarchy's network can be provided through the Neural Interface System.

The Matriarchy's network relies on Neural Processor Pack technology. Recent innovations have added Sourcian computing technology to augment the neural processor systems and provide quantum-computing level capability.

Vehicle and Ship Computer Technology

In vehicle applications, much of the Lorath's typical computer technology has been carried over. Most Lorath vehicles both civilian and military have access to the Lorath Matriarchy's network, and are capable of communicating with each other over extended distances. Just like with the conventional matriarchy network access, vehicle systems utilize the Neural Interface System.

ARIA Ship Control System

Recently, the Lorath have adopted the ARIA control system for their star ships and larger vehicles. This system provides real-time computing technology, with a proficiency for military applications. The ARIA system is available as an SI and Non-SI system.

SI System

The ARIA SI system has been designed to function and behave like a walking, talking, computing system. At first activation, the SI ARIA carries out her basic functions. Over extended durations of operation, the SI is capable of developing personality, emotional ties, and intuition.

Non-SI System

The ARIA Non-SI system functions much like the SI system, yet has been designed to operate without irrational thought, and has also been designed not to develop complex individual thought.


Due to the common nature of neural technology in the Lorath Matriarchy, computer access is often regulated by neural pattern scan. Additionally, passwords, personal identification numbers, finger print scans, DNA sampling with scanning, retinal scans, and client and server side confirmations of identity and access are commonly used.

In the event of a breach of security, the attacked data in the Matriarchy's network is isolated from low-clearance access, and is restricted to high-level access. Often, starship data security involves a rapid activation of communication black-out measures, with communications being restricted to crew members granted access rights by their ship's commander. Additional measures may be taken depending on the nature of the assault.

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