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Ferryman Shuttle

The Ferryman type shuttle is meant to be used as a means of transporting individuals from a planet’s surface into space, and onwards to another planet, or to a nearby artificial structure. The Ferryman also serves as a basic squad transport in a military role.

The Ferryman was put into production shortly after the completion of the first “Star Seeker” type vessels. The Ferryman was meant to replace the aging Lorath Matriarchy short range shuttle program, which was quite out of date. The Ferryman did not see much large scale production outside of a governmental role, due to an existing taboo within the Lorath civilian culture in regards to flight at the time of the Ferryman’s introduction into development and construction.

Dimensions and Crew Complement

Organizations Using This Vessel:

Lorath Ministry of Transportation

Lorath Salvage Operations

Lorath Government


Type: Short range transport.

Class: TATS – 0001/0002 1) 2).

Designer: Lorath Occhesta House

Manufacturer: Lorath Matriarchy

Production: Mass Production.

Crew: 2.

Maximum Capacity: 8.

Appearance: The Ferryman has a long rectangular fuselage which has a pair of retractable landing skids attached to the bottom of the hull. A pair of large but low output fusion engines are attached to the port and starboard aft of the vessel. The forward section of the vessel takes on rounded shape; two windows are placed in the upper front of the vessel, along with two portholes placed on the fuselage.

Length: 10 meters.

Width: 3.2 meters.

Height: 5 meters.

Decks: 1.

Mass: 34000 lbs.

Performance Statistics

Speed (STL): .20 ~.25c (Maximum, with planetary slingshot.)

Speed (Aerial): Mach 2

Speed (Water): 10 knots

Range (Distance): 5 AU

Range (Support): One week standard supplies, two weeks rations.

Lifespan: Estimated 30 years.

Refit Cycle: Whenever the shuttle is not in demand.

Hull Structural Points: Armor Structural Points 5

Inside the Ferryman

Pilot Section: The pilot section of the Ferryman consists of two leather seats; various control panels, four monitors, and a set of control sticks for the pilot, and co-pilot. A pair of windows is placed in front of the two pilots.

Cargo and Passenger Section: The cargo and passenger section is a simple 4 meter by 2 meter cabin, with bus style seating. On the forward wall is a single visual media monitor, often used to display in flight entertainment. The passenger cabin also has a quality audio system, and an “Instant Meal” galley which consists of a slot in the bulkhead, which small trays or cups drop out of. Placed beneath each seat are two pairs of Lorath atmospheric suits.

Cargo Storage: Cargo storage on the Ferryman is located beneath the deckplates of the passenger section. Each deckplate is able to be lifted up to reveal a baggage storage area. Also beneath these plates are two containers which hold the shuttle's rations, first aid kits, and other emergency supplies.

Ship Systems

Hull: The hull of the Ferryman consists of a titanium alloy with a layer of ceramic plate with a stone thread laminate.

Airlock System: The rear of the Ferryman has a single ramp like door which opens outwards. This ramp also has an emergency hatch built into the middle of it, which consists of a flat metal door with a locking bolt system which needs to be activated from the pilot section.

Instant Meal Galley: The “Instant Meal Galley” really is not that much of an innovation. The Instant Meal Galley operates much like a hot beverage vending machine. A single cardboard cup is cycled from a holder by a small mechanical hand; this hand then moves the cup beneath either a spout for a high nutrition soup, or a spout for a beverage. (Beverages include: Lorath Coffee, fruit juice, water, and ale.) Some models of the “Instant Meal Galley” include a spout which releases a meat paste.

Environmental Systems: The Ferryman’s environmental system is quite simple. It consists of a pair of bacterial air recycling units, and an air cycling device which passes the air through a cooling and heating system. The environmental system also includes an option for injecting a mild sedative into the air supply. This feature is used when transporting anxious travelers.

Restroom: The Ferryman has a single small restroom located in the rear of the vessel behind small doorway. The restroom consists of a single controlled vacuum operated toilet (with wash let), and a sanitary wipe dispenser.

Basic sensor package: The Ferryman is equipped with light pulse sonar, laser scanning, and radar systems.

Computer Systems: The Ferryman relies on basic neural processor packs, these packs are no where near as advanced as the ones aboard military vessels. These units are able to achieve a 20 GHz processing speed, accomplish a mere 15 GB of processing memory, and store a trivial 250 Terabytes of data.

Fusion Drive Engines: The engines on the Ferryman far pre-date the engines used on the Star Seeker, or even the standard cargo vessel which the Lorath use for their government affairs. Reliant on basic fusion engine principles, and mechanics, these engines are designed to get the job done, with no frills. Fueled by a hydrogen gas collection system, and an onboard supply of pressurized hydrogen, these engines are able to operate for a nearly indefinite amount of time as long as the Ferryman remains within the thin nebula gasses of the Lor system, and the denser nebula gasses of the nebula surrounding the Lor system.

The one perk of these engines, is that they are attached on a pivoting mount, which allows for the Ferryman to accomplish vertical take offs and landings, and in emergencies, accomplish basic evasion maneuvers.

Electrical systems: Lighting on the Ferryman consists of basic LED lights, and low power halogen bulbs. Power is supplied to these lights through basic Lorath bacterial generator technology.

Communications: The Ferryman’s communication package consists of a simple radio transmission device, and a laser transmitter. Since the Moon Fall, the Ferryman shuttles have been scheduled for an upgrade to a hyperspace communication system… some day.


High Focus Headlamps (2): Placed on the front section of the Ferryman are a pair of high intensity lamps which are meant to scare away birds and timid beasts. These lamps are also able to be set to a high illumination setting which is able to induce blindness. These lamps also include a pulse feature which allows for signaling.

  • Location: Forward section.
  • Primary Purpose: Spooking wildlife.
  • Secondary Purpose: Blinding belligerent individuals.
  • Damage: Blindness.
  • Area of Effect: 50 yards forward, 25 yard width.
  • Range: 50 yards forward for blinding, 50 miles visibility.
  • Rate of Fire: two flashes per second.

Flare Launchers (4): Placed in the forward, aft, starboard, and port sections, these flare tubes are meant to launch signal flares incase of emergency.

  • Warhead: Magnesium Flare with radioactive material marker.
  • Purpose: Signaling.
  • Damage: Incendiary damage.
  • Range: 10,000 miles in space. 500 miles on planetary surface.
  • Rate of Fire: 1
  • Payload 4

Product Price


Basic Unit meant for short range STL: 10,000 KS 4000 KS

Refitted Unit capable of long range STL: 15,000 KS 6,000 KS

Discounts may be available on an individual basis.

0002 variant includes FTL drive

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