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LSDF Standard Secondary Bridge

The LSDF Standard Secondary Bridge is designed to serve as a secondary point of command aboard stations, starships, and similar structures, and is intended to be fielded by the Lorath Self Defense Force and affiliated organizations.


The standard secondary bridge has been designed to incorporate many features which are found on a primary bridge, yet with a degree of reduced complexity. The intended usage of the secondary bridge is to serve as a relay for commands from the primary bridge, or to function as a back-up in the event of primary bridge system failure. The secondary bridge is fifteen meters in width, ten meters in length, and five meters in height.


Command Station

Located in a central position, the command station consists of a single command chair which is manned by the officer assigned to command the secondary bridge. The command chair includes a Neural Interface System with multi-configuration volumetric and Pico-Jelly hybrid interface.

Primary Monitor

Located in the forward section of the bridge is a single primary monitor which serves to provide a large viewing monitor for a variety of purposes.

Secondary Bridge Workstations

Unlike the primary bridge, space is a luxury, thus the configuration of the secondary bridge workstations is intended to optimize the usage of space available. The four workstations for the secondary bridge are located to the left and right of the command chair and are built directly into the bulkheads of the secondary bridge. An additional multi-purpose workstation is also installed in the forward section of the bridge, and can be retracted or extended from the deck depending on the current situational requirements.

Secondary bridge workstations are designed to be able to be configured to any command task which they may be required to handle. Tactical, engineering, operations, communications, all of which can be handled through the secondary bridge workstations upon authorization from the officer in command of the secondary bridge. All secondary bridge workstations include biometric identity confirmation features, and password input.

Storage Compartment

Located behind the command chair area is a single storage locker placed against the rear bulkhead, this storage locker includes first aid supplies, combination atmosphere suits and body armor, and six 'Arbitrator' Pistol with five-hundred rounds of ammunition.

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