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LSDF Bistro, Teahouse, and [[items:drinks:coffee]]house Facilities

Designed of something of a service to immigrants from the United Outer Colonies as well as those which may have immigrated or may be visiting from the Yamatai Star Empire, a compartment design has been made available for ships and installations which provides a dining and beverage consumption venue which fits well to Yamataian and Jiyuuian traditions, as well as incorporating Lorath Matriarchy Matriarchy native features. Bistro, teahouse, and Coffeehouse facilities are intended to provide a modest beverage consumption and dining environment. However, some teahouse compartments may be designed to provide a traditional environment in regard to Yamataian traditions. Bistro compartments often tend to favor food service however, with presentation of modest and simple fare while providing a sociable environment. Coffee houses, mainly focus on social interaction however, while also providing quality beverages in a well furnished environment, glorifying the marvel of the couch.

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