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LSDF Flight Crew Ready Room

Designed differently than other ready rooms, the flight crew ready room is designed to seat an individual squadron at a time, or in some cases, can be designed larger to hold an on-duty portion of an armor wing. These rooms are designed to provide a sense of comfort to the piloting personnel, while also being used as a briefing location and a pre-flight preparation room. Often these rooms have modest arm chairs, non-invasive lighting, and a central presentation platform which has a series of conventional monitors and a holographic/volumetric display. A small galley is included in this room, and has a supply of various teas and Coffees, along with small snack meal items. Lockers line some of the walls, and can hold pilot uniforms, personal gear, helmets, or other equipment. Along with these furnishings, a desk is present in this room, where a squadron or wing commander can organize notes and information, while also being available to their crew.

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