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LSDF Medium Quartermaster Supply

Intended for mid-sized starships and installations, the medium quartermaster supply compartment is comparable to the LSDF Large Secondary Armory, however, the size of the compartment has been increased to include a 30 x 30 meter warehouse section adjacent to the primary compartment of the quartermaster supply area. Medium quartermaster supply compartments are intended for the storage, processing, maintenance, and issuing of firearms, uniforms, equipment, and supplies. Quartermaster supply compartments include an 'exchange window' which is an armored bulkhead which includes a transparent Durandium Alloy window with Nerimium mesh, and a rotating bin which is used for moving equipment from the interior of the supply area to the waiting area where personnel receive their equipment, or drop equipment off. Quartermaster supply areas are protected by an in-bulkhead EM forcefield system, gravitic system, Nerimium plates, and boron carbide plates. However, in some applications Nerimium components are replaced with Durandium Alloy In some applications, medium quartermaster offices omit the warehouse section, and can simply be built adjacent to an armory.

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