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LSDF Triage Compartment

Serving as the front line of function for nearly all medical bays in the Matriarchy, the LSDF designed triage compartment is intended to serve as the first point of treatment for ill or wounded personnel. Triage compartments have anywhere from two to twenty beds, and have access to various basic and advanced medical systems. Triage compartments also include basic security and anti-contamination measures such as forcefield projectors, rapidly sealing shutters, self-contained life-support, nanomachine cleaning systems, and emergency chemical or plasma wash systems.

Upon passing through the doorway to a triage compartment, a patient is scanned internally and externally by electromagnetic imaging sensors which use a low intensity EM scan to produce a generally accurate scan to determine any obvious problems with a patient. Once the initial scan is completed, patients are often escorted to a Treatment and Examination Bed where they are further treated. If the patient's condition is beyond the means of the equipment present, they are then transferred to another ward for proper treatment.

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