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LSDF Personnel Resurrection & Revival Compartment

With the marvel of neurological data retrieval, 'Soul Transfer' technology, cybernetic bodies, and cloning technologiesโ€ฆ the LSDF has gladly adopted a design for a personnel resurrection and retrieval compartment, to make it all the easier to bring fallen personnel back to life in the event of them being KIA, MIA, or made otherwise unable to perform their duties. Not only does this compartment handle resurrections though, revival compartments also can serve to bring cryonicly stored individuals out of their slumber, so they can be reanimated and put back into active service. These compartments also handle putting individuals back into cryonic sleep if there is no dedicated cryonic compartment aboard a ship or in an installation, and this compartment also handles making copies of the 'soul' or 'sum of all knowledge' of an individual for record keeping and resurrection purposes.

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