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LSDF Artillery Magazine

Artillery magazines have been designed by the LSDF to serve the purpose of handling unusually large munitions exceeding the 200mm range. With various warhead varieties and calibers, the LSDF artillery magazine includes a Lazarus AL100 Universal Constructor/Machine shop. With the inclusion of a machine shop, the artillery magazine not only functions to handle and load munitions, but it can also manufacture large scale munitions, torpedo systems, missile systems, and with each modified to include energy-matter converters they are also able to continue production as long as power is supplied and can also prepare antimatter payloads. Manufactured munitions are routed to their respective destinations by loading arms, and feed systems as needed. Artillery magazine rooms are protected by a dual-layer Nerimium and boron-carbide 'box', which also incorporates a layered structure system which functions as a Faraday cage to prevent electromagnetic interference. Additional protection for the magazine room includes exterior and interior gravitic regulation, and conformal EM forcefields. In larger applications, an interdiction system can be included to prevent the use wormhole-like systems to penetrate the magazine.

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