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LSDF Core Monitoring Station

Intended to serve as a supplement to existing engineering compartments, the core monitoring station is designed to serve as a monitoring point for reactor cores found aboard starships, stations, and other structures. These stations are intended to be utilized by the LSDF and affiliates.


The core monitoring station has been designed to be geared to the specific task of monitoring and sustaining a potentially hazardous reactor core in operation. Each reactor core monitoring station incorporates safety and handling features which allow for engineering crews to be able to safely maintain a potentially hazardous core.


Each core monitoring station includes bulkhead-integrated control panel interfaces, retractable seats, and a transparent Duremium Alloy view-port with forcefield augmentation and Nerimium blast shutters. Unlike the engineering monitoring compartment, the core monitoring station's view-port can be opened with proper authorization which can allow maintenance crews direct access to the monitored core.

Each monitoring station includes forcefield augmented nerimum blast shutters to protect surrounding compartments from potential accidents. Increased bulkhead density, bulkhead integrated forcefield projectors, and reinforced secured access hatchways which provide access in and out of the monitoring station. Hatchways are secured with biometric and password reliant locking mechanisms.

Often these compartments are located near or adjacent to engineering monitoring stations, or engine systems.


Core monitoring stations are somewhat unique in their equipment. Each core monitoring station includes one AMX-101 WINTER stripped of armaments, and two Wind with Gust Armor Kit. These machines are provided to give core workers protection against potential accidents, and common-place radiation. Along with these protective features, each monitoring room includes a cabinet with first aid supplies, and another cabinet which is used to house engineering equipment, including a pair of personnel grade Unified Manipulation Technology Suite units.

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