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Oma fofipa (Making self clean)

This page describes one of the Devotopai (Rituals) of the Poku Saeruo Degonjo.

Ritual name Oma fofipa
Meaning self to cleanse ritually
Pronounced: ลmฤƒ fล-fฤ“-pฤƒ

Oma fofipa ritual of purification is one that a Poku'vonai performs on a regular basis. It is often used to clear the individual's mind, before making important decisions, embarking on a task, or sometimes as part of their routine to start the day.

The ritual starts by cleansing the body, then clad only in a plain Umatli (Kilt) the individual then offers incense to Siamaka. The individual sits on their ritual cloth with a pot of prepared herbal tea. The herbal teas for the ritual prepared by the Detis Goa'ai Jael (Faith Walkers Sect) and made available for purchase. They then recite the traditional words of cleansing. After each verse they recite, they take a sip of the tea. There are twelve verses to the ritual.

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