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Abwehran Star Empire; Gravity Related Concerns

The Abwehran Star Empire has many concerns in relation to gravity due to the fact that they tend to occupy heavy gravity worlds where as their allies all inhabit worlds with gravity near 1G. Because of this the empire has had to put a lot of work into ways to deal with gravity related problems.

Gravity Acclimation

The biggest concern with gravity is the most obvious, how to acclimate people to the drastically different gravity in a reasonable amount of time. The solution that the Empire came up with revolved around the usage of a Gravity Belt and Gravity Acclimation Medication.

Low to High G accilimation

The first real concern the Abwehrans faced with gravity, when their friends from Lower G planets came to visit they needed a way to keep them from getting crushed. After the short term was solved a more permanent of long term solution was needed, so two general methods of dealing with the gravity were developed.

Acclimation for short term visits

The program for short term visits of a month or less are simple. Just use a Gravity Belt to resist the gravity and stay at Low gravity accommodation facilities where the rooms have lowered gravity so one can shower and sleep easy.

Acclimation for long term stays

The situation becomes complicated when long term stay is involved, though technically possible to simply use the belts and low gravity facilities for the entirety of the stay, it limits the places one can visit and their options for interaction. As such a program for acclimating the body to higher gravity was developed.

  • Begin a regimen of the proper Gravity Acclimation Medication
  • Wear a Gravity Belt when necessary, starting at the gravity your body is comfortable with.
  • As the medication program progresses, adjust the gravity belt closer and close to the gravity you are acclimating for.
  • Once your body has begun to feel comfortable at the gravity you wish, stop wearing the belt and take the stabilizer medication to end the treatment.

High to Low G Acclimation

Once people from lower gravity worlds were able to visit Abwehran worlds, naturally the reverse became desired, people used to high gravity wanted to visit lower gravity worlds. So a process was developed, and much like going from low to high, the process has been refined and simplified over time.

Acclimation for short term visit

Since the main concern with high to low gravity acclimation is mostly the weakening of muscles, as long as the gravity is not too different between the worlds simply keeping up a regular exercise routine will suffice for short term visits. If the gravity difference is more extreme a gravity belt might be of assistance.

Long Term Acclimation

Long term acclimation is a bit trickier to manage, especially if it's not planned to be permanent.

  • Begin a regimen of the proper Gravity Acclimation Medication
  • Wear a Gravity Belt when starting, until your organs get used to operating at lower gravity.
  • If the stay is not permanent, remember to frequently exercise at higher gravity so that muscle and skeletal development is not lost.
  • Once your body is acclimated to the gravity take stabilizer medication, however continue the exercise routine.

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