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Gravity Acclimation Medication

With interplanetary exchange existing, there has always been a problem with dealing with the different gravity of varying planets. While sometimes people let their bodies adjust naturally, sometimes they do not have the time or patience for it, or it might just be too dangerous to allow natural acclimation. In order to accelerate and strengthen the acclimation process medicines have been created to help the body adjust to varying gravitates.


These medications are used when the natural rate of acclimation to gravity is not desirable. It's generally purchased in a measured dosage with the proper formula to adjust from one specific gravity to another. The medications can either adjust to higher or lower gravity.

While this technology in general is in practice in almost every nation, the Abwehran Star Empire is the most frequent user of this type of medical treatment. Since their primary species lives on high gravity planets they need to acclimate to visit other worlds and off-worlders need to acclimate to visit them.

Types of Gravity Acclimation Medication

Gravity acclimation is a problem for most cultures, and as such there are many different medications that are used in dealing with it. There are a few general categories these medications can be divided into however.


Chemical medications for gravity acclimation use chemical compounds and hormones to put the body in a state of adaption where it rapidly adjusts muscle and bone mass in order to work properly in the new gravity.


  • Inexpensive compared to other methods
  • 'Natural' and requires no body modification
  • No worry about rejection symptoms


  • Takes the longest out of all methods
  • Greater chance of immunity preventing treatment success.


Another common method is to use nano-machines or other such small artificial devices to reprogram and reconstruct cells so that the body can sustain itself in the new gravity.


  • Relatively fast
  • Low maintenance
  • Some treatments are adjustable after they've started


  • Fairly costly
  • Depending on the exact medicine, exposure to certain elements may stop the treatment midway


One method has shown quite a bit of promise for gravity acclimation, however most cultures are a bit apprehensive. The biological method involves using symbiotic organisms within the body that use varying methods to improve adjustment to gravity.

Pros and Cons

Because the nature of this treatment, there are a variety of organisms that can be used, causing a variety or pros and cons. However there are a few consistent things with the treatment. The patient must be compatible with the organism being put into the body, and because the organism is alive and needs food, nutrient intake goes up.

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