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One Two Red Blue

The pop sensation that's been in hibernation wants to give back to the Kikyo Sector. What better way than to do so than an all-ages charity? One Two Red Blue is a charity created by Koga Akemi in YE 39 with an initial 350,000,000 KS. Its purpose? To bring music to the lives of everyone that may need it in as many ways as possible.

About the Charity

The charity's program that was developed went accordingly:

  • Musical teachers for all skill levels and ages of individual are hired or contracted and connected with students
  • Musical Instruments are bought for the students
  • Musical Programs are funded to allow students to tour the Kikyo Sector 1)


One Two Red Blue is a charity created by Koga Akemi, a former IttΓ΄ Heisho and a Nekovalkyrja that has a history of donating to charities. His contributions range from giving Psomi and wonderfully delicious military grade rations to those in need of them to lending a gentle ear to anyone that could use one. Before that, he contributed to the Yamatai Defeat! Hunger Fund with a large sum, enough so to warrant a news report, where Akemi met the other member of his pop group, KOgama. Not only that, he was then gifted the Akemi Adante Keyboard due to his particular interest in singing and performing. Beyond that, the past sales from KOgama have all gone towards charities.

Once he was out of the Star Army of Yamatai, he went forth with the intent to continue a singing career that wasn't just tele-calls. Now equipped with the new idea to create a business, as well, Akemi ventured out to the sector of business and opportunity and was met with all the sector had to offer. His business thrived, he thrived, and he let the singing career slip, but in the late Summer of YE 39, Koga Akemi and Ogama Mio, Akemi's singing partner, began recording once more.

And once the first single was made and the two of them listened, something welled inside of Akemi and needed to burst free. A life without the sounds and pleasures of music brought discontent to Akemi's heart on an almost visceral level. He wanted to give others what he himself enjoyed so much and, thus, made a charity that day with 350,000,000 KS of his own money and put most of it into a diversified stock profile in order to have it grow exponentially.

Well once the model was jotted down and the numbers were crunched, it became abundantly clear that if they were going to be a fully fledged Non-Profit and receive donations, they would be able to do a bit more than just instruments and teachers for a long while. They would be able to hold concerts through music programs. These programs are not in every city or every system. 2) Oftentimes the performing groups are held at one event and the students are flown in by the charity to wherever it may be held to perform as a unified whole. Sometimes even KOgama will perform at these events, either in a highly broadcast way or completely secretive one that surprises and happily shocks all of those present at the venue and sector-wide, as these events are always shown on other mediums rather than tangibly being at the concert, such as the tele-calls that KOgama used to predominantly do. All concerts held by the students are free, even if KOgama joins in.


In order to donate to Akemi's charity, please set up a PM or forum transmission and communication thread on the forums to raz or Ametheliana. All currency and quantities are highly appreciated.

All donators get to go to a benefit concert once a year on Children's Day held by KOgama, though Akemi hopes to have other groups perform alongside his band to make the night really special.

Becoming a Student or Teacher

Becoming a student is easy and requires one to contact the main offices of One Two Red Blue.

To become a teacher, one must send in a resume as well as musical piece sample and you will be contacted about working for One Two Red Blue immediately. One Two Red Blue is always looking for teachers and is excited by the prospect of bringing people together.

Past Donations

Below the past donations can be found:

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If there is none in an area that necessitates a program, contact One Two Red Blue directly and a program can be arranged!

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