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NovaCorp Weapon Drones

NovaCorp Logo A TC Company

Designed for the Mantus were a number of Weapon Drones which could be enslaved by it. These drones however are not bound solely by this purpose and can also operate with a β€˜Master Unit’, much like a watch – which allows them to be controlled.

There are a great number of Weapon Drones, varying in actually purpose, weapon and size but they generally share two characteristics: they’re spherical, and they float using an anti-gravity/gravity system. All Weapon Drones have an anti-matter pay-load that allows them to self-destruct if needed – or as a possible attack.

Many drones have a plasmonic coating to render them invisible in the visible light spectrums. All of them other than the Scout possess some level of shielding in order to protect them in the heat of battle.

Scout Drone

Purpose: To gather information and to act as eyes and ears for the armour/master. Size: Around the size of a clenched fist. Armament: None. Speed: 120 mph. Additional: Has wide-band electromagnetic imager, radar and highly sensitive audio recording equipment. Payload 0.25g of antimatter – 2.5 kiloton equivalent.

Cost: 3,000 ks

Maser Drone

Purpose: Anti-Infantry. Made for less than lethal circumstances Size: 1 ft in diameter. Armament: Twin-linked Maser weapon. Damage: Can be either incapacitating or lethal to lightly armoured infantry depending on command. Shield: 20 Megawatts. Speed: 60 mph. Additional: None. Payload 0.5g of antimatter – 5 kiloton equivalent.

Cost: 5,000 ks

Xaser Drone

Purpose: Anti-Infantry/Light-Armoured Vehicles. Size: 1.5 ft in diameter. Armament: Xaser weapon. Damage: Considerable damage – highly penetrating. Shield: 50 Megawatts. Speed: 60 mph. Additional: Contains targeting and prioritization systems. Payload 0.65g of antimatter – 6.5 kiloton equivalent.

Cost: 10,000 ks

Shield Drone

Purpose: Protection. Size: 2 ft in diameter. Armament: None. Shield: Special. See below. Speed: 50 mph. Additional: Projects an energy shield over a 6ft by 6ft by 9 ft area. Capable of withstanding up to 500 megajoules of damage Payload 0.1g of antimatter – 1 kiloton equivalent.

Cost: 12,000 ks

Electro-Laser Drone

Purpose: Riot-Control. Size: 1.5 ft in diameter. Armament: Multi-target Electrolaser Damage: Capable of targeting up to 11 targets simultaneously and firing either subduing or lethal electrolasers at then. Only works against unarmoured or lightly armoured infantry. They have to be space around the drone. Shield: 30 Megawatts. Speed: 40 mph. Additional: Can spin around to create a devastating whirlwind effect which hits all those in the proximity. Payload 0.2g of antimatter – 2 kiloton equivalent.

Cost: 6,000 ks

Suicide Drone

Purpose: Destruction, anti-armour or demolition. Size: Around the size of the human fist. Armament: None. Shield: 0.4 Megawatts. Speed: 120 mph. Payload 0.9g of antimatter – 9 kiloton equivalent.

Cost: 2000 ks

Master Drone

Purpose: Control. Size: 3.5 ft in diameter. Armament: Plasma Cannon. Damage: Heavy. Shield: 100 megawatts. Speed: 50 mph. Additional: Capable of commanding up to 20 other drones. Possesses human level intelligence. Payload 0.2g of antimatter – 2 kiloton equivalent.

Cost: 20,000 ks


To operate the drones outside of a NovaCorp power armour or through slaving it to a computer it is necessary to have a watch like unit which is put around the arm. Using this you can either give vocal commands or type in directions and imperatives.

Cost: 300ks.

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