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NovaCorp Awa-Ryōshi Generator

NovaCorp Logo A TC Company

The Awa-Ryōshi is a model of Quantum Foam Generator produced by NovaCorp which was first used on the No-L5-1a - Prosperity-Class Starship.


This generator was released in in YE 34.


Awa-Ryōshi is a dimensional generator, tapping into the Quantum of Space-Time foam that makes up the universe, a sea of virtual particles snapping in and out of existence, and wormholes existing for fractions of a second, and takes some of the energy from this. NovaCorp's earlier version was later developed into the Kaminari Quantum Foam Generators.

The Awa-Ryōshi Generator can provide virtually limitless power. However, the amount of energy that it can provide at any moment is limited by its size. They can be large enough to supply space platforms, starships and small enough to power ground vehicles and power armor.

Impulse Turbines

Upon exiting the heat exchanger the super heated fluid (high pressure steam) at this point, is then channeled into the impulse turbines. Each reactor has three turbines, depending on the reactor level and load requirements one or more of the turbines will be active.


Each of the turbines is attached via a transmission to a generator. This allows the turbines to spin the generators. Each generator has integrated circuitry to ensure that the output is stable. Once the generator is up to speed (80% of rated capacity), the output is connected to the ship's power grid.


After passing through the turbines the steam enters the condenser. This device cools and stores the steam so that it can be sent back through the heat exchangers. The waste heat is radiated into space through radiator fins.

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