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The Chakram is a unconventional and effective weapon designed and produced by NovaCorp, and at least partially inspired by its namesake. It its simplest form it is a pseudo-sentient disk with a spinning saw-tooth edge and moved by way of a small gravitic drive.

The weapon itself is a disk 30cm wide by 1 thick and with a β€˜hub’ 2cm thick rising gently in the centre, which contains its gravitic drive as well as the decentralised components of its computer and sensory apparatus. Contained within the rim of the disk is a series of 1.5 cm long retractable aggregated diamond nanorod β€˜teeth’ like that on a circular saw, each sharpened to a mono-molecular edge. When the disk is activated the rim reaches a top speed of 10,000 RPM, and combined with its maximum speed of 70 mph this renders the weapon highly efficient against infantry and most conventional materials.

The weapon is conventionally β€˜slaved’ to a various pieces of equipment, often a headset, implant or wrist console and can be controlled in various fashions. These include following pre-programmed attack patterns (interpreted by the weapons computer), being remotely directed through inputs of vocal commands (either through a headset of following recognised vocal patterns depending on setting) or even by way of a SQUID interface. Alternatively the sub-AI computer can control itself within certain parameters, based on information fed to it or through its own small array of sensors which include wide-range EM sensors (encompassing not only visual bands but micro-wave, infra-red and radio), as well as audio sensors.

The weapon is often carried in a back holster and can either begin to move itself or be thrown to grant it starting momentum.

Price: 1,250ks

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