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Peacekeeper Cudgel

Emrys Industries A TC Company

Manufacturer: Emrys Industries

Developed as a useful, if rather pricy, tool or law enforcement, by Emrys Industries, the Peacekeeper Cudgel has been made for the use of police in hostile areas, where serious force can be needed. It is shaped like a night stick used by late 20th century police force, or a tonfa, the weapon it is based on. The additional features of the cudgel is that it can vibrate at an extremely high frequency, causing greatly increased damage to whatever it hits, especially organics, a simple touch can shatter bones and cause hideous bruises, combined with a blow from the cudgel itself it is enough to fell most people. The second feature is that the surface of the cudgel can be electrified highly, electrocuting anyone it touches (the handles are insulated). The power setting vary from low, where it is a sting, used as a warning or a prompt, to a paralyzing setting, to a kill setting, which causes cardiac arrest, and major burning. The electrification and vibration can not be used at the same time due to power interests, and internal settings. The third and newest setting is the electrolaser, which can be used in unison with the electrification setting. This sends out a low power laser beam, ionizing the air in a thin beam, and then the electricity flows through the air, hitting the target. This rarely has enough power to kill, unless the target is wearing metal or it hits his weapon, however it’s usually enough to cause serious muscle spasms and unconsciousness (it varies from target to target).

As a night stick in design it can be used with all the tricks of a night stick, or the weapon is based on, the tonfa. It can be swung as a club, used to block, lining it up with the arm, or when holding the protrusion, used to create more powerful punches, using the end. For these uses there is a setting that only runs electricity down the very end. The different settings are changed by pressing different small patches on a ring that comes with the cudgel. If someone tries to pick up the cudgel without the ring, the full electrical force is administered to them. For those that use the weapon in both hands, two rings can be bought for the price of one. The cudgel can only run on vibration mode or electric mode for an hour of continuous use, the electrolaser lasting as long as there is electricity, after this the cudgel needs to be recharged for half an hour in the docking station. The high capacity battery is in the handle. Even when the energy is depleted, it can still be used as a cudgel or a tonfa.

Price: 600 KS

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