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Kurokawa Yasuko "Roxanne"

Kurokawa Yasuko “Roxanne”
Species: Yamataian
Gender: Female
Age: 40
Family (or Creators): Kurokawa Yakiko, 56
Zodiac Sign: Leo
Height: 156 cm (~5 feet 1 inch)
Weight: 60 kg (~132 lbs)
Bra Size: 30DD
Organization None
Occupation None

Yasuko In Roleplay

Yasuko is a Player Character played by Doshii Jun.

Physical Characteristics

Build and Skin Colour: Not small, by any means, and that is how she had her body drawn up, thank you very much. Her skin is the light tan color typical of Yamataians. Facial Features and Eye Color: A rounded face, with dimples in her smile (when she thinks someone deserves it). Her eyes are a molten brown, meaning she purposely tweaked the standard almond brown they give way too many Yamataians by making it appear like there was a landslide in her eyes.

Facial Features and Eye Color: To show solidarity with the troops, she wears a new Star Army uniform, but without patches or insignia of any sort. She only does this on occasion, thankfully; mostly, she sticks to pantsuits that diminish her figure, or her airbike gear.

Hair Color and Style: One thick brown braid, kept over her right shoulder.

Distinguishing Features: She does not look like, speak like or act like a typical Yamataian. She's somewhat rude, prone to pointless gestures and responds poorly (i.e. violently) to insults or threats. In other words, she acts like a Nepleslian.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Yasuko feels Yamataians are weak. This tends to reflect in her view of the general state of Yamataian citizenry. Coming from Malifar – the lower class of Malifar, a self-professed “fishmonger” – she's not into messing around with any of the typical formal customs people from Kyoto seem to be fond of. She wants to get to the point, yesterday, in all the necessary details. Because of this, her small staff is dogged in the breadth and depth of research they engage in, reflecting the thirst for the truth their boss carries. Yasuko also enjoys a fine cigar in her own houseboat, with heavy filters keeping the watchful eyes of PANTHEON away from her.

Yasuko has a rather fierce streak of libertarian thought.

Likes: A good cigar, a well-drafted piece of legislation, a fine paramour and limited government. Dislikes: Yamataian culture in general. Goals: For now, to serve the other 50 percent of the population of Yamatai, Albini and Tami.



Yasuko was on the front lines when the gangs of Malifar were in their last throes of violence in YE 05.

At that time, she was 15 and pretty good on an airbike. She was the runner, the bait, the one that had to help with the drive-bys. Her father had the fool sense of a traitor, and had given his wife and daughter to the thugs of another rich house for a cushy job at the opposing market. Her mother had righted him with several blows to the head with a hammer while he slept, and on the girl's airbike, they were off. Yasuko would not return to her home for 20 years.

They managed to reach Port Xenn, and from there led a life that fit the carefree, laissez-faire style of governance that ruled the town. No one gave them handouts when they arrived, and after working several maid jobs and forming their own housekeeping service, they worked through the years.

Politics was not on their radar. But in YE 18, at the ripe age of 28, Yasuko beat up a would-be “suitor” who thought he could get fresh. She was punished. She was pissed. She politicked her own way into the city's government and changed the rules of self-defense to more stringently protect the defensive party.

Once she started, she couldn't stop. She rose through the ranks with the label of “Nep-wannabe” for her very pointed stances on criminal punishment, national self-defense and the governance of the people. A Nepleslian contractor she was romantically involved with called her “Roxanne;” the name stuck for many of her staff. Independence and decentralization were the names of her game, and she pushed for them wherever and however she could. At times, she was horribly ineffective; in prefectures outside of Kyoto and Melanchol, some found her worth supporting when she pursued a higher office.

YE 30

Roxanne participated in some legislation after becoming a senator, and was an observer of the peace conference that saw the exit of the SMX. However, when the Senate was dissolved toward the middle of the year, she happily returned to private life, pondering when she would return to politics.

Her ascendancy to a Senator of the Empire is temporary, pending an election in late YE 30.



Yasuko is a frank, blunt speaker. She likes to poke holes in the arguments of others, whether they're meaningful or not, and she takes grandiose stances on issues when she sees the chance. Her style is occasionally very frustrating, as she is not always articulate.


Yasuko rides her airbike to work every day she can. She refuses to ride in cars.


The maid business taught her how to keep highly effective senses to monitor the cleanliness of things. She demands no less than perfection when it comes to how spotless her desk is.


Yasuko's not a real leader. She's more of a mentor/pit boss, guiding her team toward the goal. She doesn't lead the people, or lead any great number of political soldiers, for she finds “non-believers” (those without her political views) too frustrating.

Humanities (politics)

The inner, obscure workings of politics Yasuko is not above using. She's got a few dirty tricks, blackmail being her most popular, if it helps her get her way. She's used that one only a couple of times, and was successful twice.

Character Data
Character NameKurokawa Yasuko "Roxanne"
Character OwnerDoshii Jun
Character StatusInactive Player Character

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