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Aka'ashe'na Suha'laisne

Aka'ashe'na Suha'laisne is a GM Player character played by Kyle and is currently involved in the Bloody Claws (She'na Academy) plot.

Character Profile
Adopted Name: Aka'ashe'na Suha'laisne
Trade Family Name: Shi'taha Hyu'na'eee'by
Alias: Aka'ashe'na Yumena
Nickname: Aka'
Species: Shukaren Daur
Age: 12
Gender: Female
Homeworld: Nesha Prime (Planet)
Medical Condition: Androphobia
Mother: Siyah'ane Suha'laisne, Age 34
Father: Uia'yaha'ne Suha'laisne, Age 35
Sister: Ku'laa'ane Suha'laisne, Age 6
Sister: Nan'na'shaaae Suha'laisne, Age 10
Organization Kingdom of Neshaten, Youth Corps
Occupation She'na Academy Student
Division Sh'ishen
Placement Bloody Claws (She'na Academy)
Physical Profile
Height: 4' 2“
Weight: 102 lbs
Bra Size: Tiny
Build: Short build, slightly muscular on the shoulders.
Fur Color: Red with a silver tint
Ears: Fox-like ears that are pink with white fuzz
Tail Color: Black with a white tip
Facial Features, Eye Color: Has dark blue eyes, and several gashes on her face that has since healed.
Hair Color, Style: Same as fur color
Distinguishing Features: Has a silver pearl in her right eye

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Aka'ashe'na is a rather curious Kit whom likes to explore things that either make no sense to her or that confound her, she also has a tendency to get a bit out of control due to her wild nature which is something that is quite common for Kits her age. Aka'ashe'na treats everyone around her with the same level of respect that she'd want to treat others, or rather she tries.

She has Androphobia which means she has a fear of men - which includs both kids and adults, this often times causes her to get very silent around them or to even hide behind female students, which has in fact caused some problems for her; she doesn't trust males in the least due to her past and tends to regard them as being dangerous.

Another thing about her is that she is quite… strange… to those who may not know her. She often times makes animal sounds when something grabs her interest or when she is nervous.

Likes: She likes sweet and sore stuff, along with many kinds of fruits and also animals. Dislikes: Men, Laibe, and anyone whom dislikes her. Goals: To get over her fear of men, and to some day enter into the world of politics..


The information below relates to the history of the character.


Aka'ashe'na was born in the capital city of Netoshen in the year ER 766 to a Noble family with a Daur mother and a Laibe father. Aka'ashe'na spent the first six years of her existence locked up in her home in the basement and never seeing what was outside in the world; she didn't even know that there was even a concept of day and night or even time. As a young kit she suffered tremendously both for her lack of early education and also at the hands of her abusive father, whom abused her both physically and mentally. However, despite this, Aka'ashe'na secretly taught herself how to read and write, in the hopes that at some point in the future she could flee and let others know what is going on; although as the years passed her hope began to slowly fade.

A short while after Aka'ashe'na turned seven, her mother passed away from mysterious circumstances, in that she was a healthy woman who had no previous signs of health issues; but yet her husband had called suddenly one night and stated that she wasn't breathing and had been declared dead when healers arrived. This cast a bit of suspicion onto the family that resulted in her father taking some steps to try and hide her from the public's eye. This only worked for a few seasons before Aka'ashe'na managed to break free of her father and fled the house, after getting lost for several hours, she ended up running into the Kingdom's future queen - Vas’Sumera Yume'na.

Naked and cold, Aka'ashe'na was rushed to a nearby children's hospital where medical staff tended to her wounds; it was there that City Guard officers discovered the torment the young girl had been put through although it was discovered during this time that she had a fear of men, as she had scampered away from any male doctors who tried to help her. Aka'ashe'na's father was later arrested and sentenced to life in prison for child abuse, he would later take his own life before he even got through the first season of his sentence. Aka'ashe'na found herself in custody of a private orphanage where she stayed for only a few seasons before she was adopted by Siyah'ane Suha'laisne, a Daur woman who had read about her blight and came to give her a loving home. Although unknown to Aka'ashe'na, she was also adopted into the Yumena family by Vas'sumera, who had asked her friend Siyah'ane to take care of her as she was unable to.

Although she maintained the name of Aka'ashe'na, the girl had the choose of changing her name to Shi'taha Hyu'na'eee'by - with the Hyu'na'eee'by being the name of the trade family she was going to be officially apart of, but Aka'ashe'na choose to keep her birth name and use only her other name on rather special occasions.

From that point on, Aka'ashe'na found herself no longer in a situation where she was abused but rather surrounded by her new family; she entered Shi'ka'ma Academy's primary division, because of circumstances, the student council made arrangements so that her teachers would never be male although they couldn't do anything about male 'students', which was something Aka'ashe'na had to contend with; with the help of her female friends, she was able to at least lead a somewhat normal school life despite running away and hiding whenever a male student came into her sight.

A little while after she started school, however, the academy was firebombed and the young girl suffered first and second degree burns on her tail and legs when she couldn't get out of her classroom in time, despite her injuries the young girl were able to rally some of those who had survived to help save a few others from the burning building - including at least two teachers. When reality finally set in she was left with a strong sense of survivors guilt which haunts her constantly both day and night. Shortly after the fire, she was placed into a counselling program to help try and get her through the worst of her fears.

Because of the schools closure due to the fire, Aka'ashe'na and those few who had survived it, found themselves invited to attend one of Ne'ushae's other schools until a new school for them could be opened; from there Aka'ashe'na stayed until shortly before She'na Academy would open its doors; which was when she discovered that her good grades meant that she would be put in charge of a new class of students whom would be arriving to the schools first year of opening. She was then chosen to take charge of a class known as the Bloody Claws, a class once renowned for its brutality in the sport known as Aa'sha'fame, although Aka' felt rather uncomfortable taking over a class whose students had all been killed in the fire that destroyed Shi'ka'ma Academy, she viewed it as a welcomed challenge.

Aka'ashe'na Skills

The following table lists all of the skills learned by Aka'ashe'na Suha'laisne.

List of Skills

Skill Description
Knowledge Even though Aka'ashe'na had a rather harsh upbringing due to her abusive father, this didn't stop her from self-teaching herself about her Kingdom, its laws and language along with many other things.
Fighting Aka'ashe'na knows a few forms of swordsmenship thanks to her adoptive family while also knowing how to fire several small firearms, her attendance into the Youth Corps means she can also use some military weaponry.
Mathematics Aka'ashe'na's mathematical knowledge suffers a bit but not enough to hold her back in school, she knows most basic forms of math and some middle forms.
Humanities Living with an abusive father means that Aka' was able to learn how to tell the difference between a truth and a lie, and to recognize the differences in posture that a person may give off, this makes her surprisingly perceptive to others.
Vehicles Despite being only twelve years old, Aka' knows how to drive some vehicles and due to her being in the Youth Corp, posses a military license but still doesn't like to drive alone. She is proficent in the use of military light tanks, and can also drive small cars.
Entertainment Aka' had to often times entertain herself when she was younger, having to sing to herself in order to fall asleep or to ignore the pain she often felt; she later took up instruments and is capable of playing several small instrument.
Communication Not just knowing her nations language of Tinacen, through her time in the Youth Corp she is also knows a few basic encryption methods and the ability to communicate easily with others.
Leadership Aka' demonstrated some of her leadership capabilities both as a class president and also during the fire that consumed her school, this taught her that despite the pain she may feel that she has to stuff the pain in the back of her mind and push others forward even if it means ignoring stuff that could harm her.

Aka'ashe'na Suha'laisne's Historical Record

This section details Aka'ashe'na Suha'laisne's historical records, including what plots they are in and what has gone in those plots.

Bloody Claws

This is Aka'ashe'na Suha'laisne's first plot, and revolves around her time as a primary student in charge of a combined class.

Before Prologue

  • Put in charge of combined class
  • Given a new uniform
  • Received funds from family
  • Received school funds

Prologue (to be named)

More to be added later.

Aka'ashe'na Inventory

The following is the inventory for Aka'ashe'na Suha'laisne

Personal Inventory

Aka'ashe'na Suha'laisne's Financial Records

This page lists all of the financials from Aka'ashe'na Suha'laisne, she gets an allowance from her school and from her family.

School Funds

This is the amount of money she has from her school, all of school finances were wiped out when Shi'ka'ma's main database was destroyed and thus she has to start over.

Amount Add Subtraction Total Note
1000 500 0 1500 Start of New Year

Family Funds

This is the amount of money her family sends to her, unlike school funds, this money is placed in a protected account with a withdrawal limit placed on it; this prevents her from splurging on items.

Amount Add Subtraction Total Note
2000 1000 0 3000 Relief Funds from Family
Character Data
Character NameAka'ashe'na Suha'laisne
Character OwnerKyle
Character StatusInactive Player Character
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