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I. "Wespe" Tittenlieb

I. “Wespe” Tittenlieb
Species: Abwehran Surfacer
Gender: Female
Age: 8 AY (28 EY)
Height: 6' (180 cm)
Weight: 187 pounds (85 kilos)
Organization: NSMC
Occupation: Tank crew - comander
Rank: Sergeant
Current Placement: 1st EXMF

I. "Wespe" Tittenlieb in Roleplay

I. “Wespe” Tittenlieb is a player character played by ShotJon.

Physical Characteristics

  • Height: 6' (180 cm)
  • Mass: 187 pounds (85 kilos)
  • Measurements: C

Build and Skin Color: Tittenlieb is tall and athletic woman. She is slim, a little more slim and she could be called skinny. That makes her breast looks rather bigger then they really are. Her skin is flesh-coloured and smooth.

Eyes and Facial Features: Tittenlieb has almond shaped eyes. Its colour is hazel. She has slim nose of slightly hawkish shape. Her narrow lips are very pretty when she smiles. Her smile can easily change into mocking though.

Hair Color and Style: Her hair is completely white. It reaches down to the middle of her back and she usually wears it in pony tail or in bun.

Distinguishing Features: She wear a pair of driving goggles all the times. They are on her forehead or eyes whenever people see her. There are rumours she is showering and sleeping with them. She also carries balisong and likes to play with it and how it makes people around her nervous.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Wespe is rather hot-blooded woman. Although she learned patience in past years, she tends to act rather then think too much. Being impulsive as she is she also likes adrenaline. She absolutely hates her name, hides it and does not use it. She uses nickname Wespe instead.

She likes brawls. She also hates when strong picks on weak and tends to punish them with her fists, elbows, knees and feet.

Also growing up between nightwalker made her rather promiscuous. She like sex and doesn't hide it.

But what she loves most are big guns. Heavy machine guns, auto-cannons and cannons. They are her love and are what makes her use the words “size does matter”.

  • Likes: Sex, strongwilled men, Adam Foss (loves him in secret), knives, BFGs.
  • Dislikes: Bullies, authorities, cowards, energy guns.
  • Goals: To become tank Ace.


Family (or Creators)

Hanz Tittenlieb 20 AY (father, aka “Herr Crazy”) Unsuccessful businessman. Tina Tittenlieb 20 AY (mother) Programmer. Hanz Tittenlieb the second 6 AY (brother) Unsuccessful musician. Clothilde Tittenlieb 5 AY (sister) Student.


Tittenlieb was born as Abwehran surfacer to peculiar family who had the greatest idea of giving her really stupid first name. Soon after she was born her family moved “downstairs”. Her dad had bright idea of moving his bussiness to nighwalker towns. But her dads fireworks bussiness did not ended up very successful. Afterwards he tried to break through with his invention of pet washing machine. Of course being surfacer and growing up there between Nightwalker was not easy. Especially with her stupid name. She met a lot of bullying and after some time she sort of snapped and started fighting back. By the time she was on high school it was her picking on bullies. She did not protect bullied kids though, she just hated cowards picking on weaker people who could not protect themselves and gave them beatings.

After she barely passed high-school she immediately joined Abwehran military. She became trained to become part of panzer division of Chimers Landwehr. Having her mouth and attitude problem did not help during training. She was also sleeping around which was not looked very well upon. After making it though the training she ended up in “bad company” of sorts. Place where you send soldier where they can't cause so many problems. Every army has such unit after all. After years of service she became professional tank gunner but never really got into proper combat. But after all the training she was professional. Unfortunately before she should see any combat she was caught sleeping with her superior officer and dishonourably discharged. Giving Abwehr the finger she moved to Nepleslia. Where she shortly worked for one of local mobs. But finding it lacking any proper large weapons of mass destruction she was looking elsewhere. When she found up about Paragon she did not wait too long and joined up. There she ended up under tank commander by the name of Adam Foss. She and him took quickly liking to each other, which they both hide. What they don't hide is their sharing a bed pretty often.

Wespe and Foss were in Paragon for quite a bit. Fighting in Funky City, while NMX were there for a 'visit'. THey saw quite a bit of combat, until Paragon fell a part. The 5th company, where Wespe and Foss left and fell apart, each going to do their own thing. Wespe and Foss were not sure what no so, they try to sell their tank and see what comes then. Selling a tank is a tiny bit illegal even for Nepleslia and since W and F were not very good at black market stuff, they sodded it up. They tried to sell it to IPG undercover agent.

That did not go to well. Luckily instead of being locked in a ice-cube the duo was given a choice. Join the NSMC tankers or the ice-cube. The choice was fast, they will keep doing what they like, except now they won't be able to tell the guy who shouts orders off. OR WILL THEY?

Skill Areas

Stab and Boom!

Wespe gained general military training in hand-to-hand combat and firearms training. She is very good with knife though. In her time in Nepleslia she found about balisongs (butterfly knives) and fell in love with them. Her speciality is all sort of big guns like gatlings, heavy machinegun and mainly cannons. As tank gunner she has a gained a lot training in Abwehr and lot of experience during her service in Paragon.

Wrench monkey.

Tittenlieb know how to keep her guns shooting. She is rather skilled gunsmith. Although her specialty are big ones, she knows about Abwehran and Paragon used firearms too. As a tank crew she also know how to maintain the tank and can help out with engine repairs. She no specialist in it though.

Pedal to the metal

Although she is gunner she know how to drive tank. You never know if something happens to driver and you need to rabbit it. She is also pretty good on bikes.

Tongue talent.

Tittenlieb know how to use communication devices. She had training for it in Abwehran military and experienced it a lot in Paragon. She also speakes Nepleslian fluently.

Living the life.

Wespe knows how to enjoy herself. When wants she is quite party-girl. She is good dancer and can sing. She had a lot of experience in bed and can successfully make any man or woman feel good. She also learned to play harmonica to kill time.


To properly work out trajectories Wespe need to know her numbers. She survived a brain-hurting mathematical course.

This way!

Sometimes your tank can broke. And when that time comes you need to walk home. Walk home through wilderness often. Wespe received survival training from Abwehran Military. She know how to orientate herself and how to read map.

Inventory and Finances

I. “Wespe” Tittenlieb. is currently a Corporal in the Paragon.

Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
5400 DA 400 Starting Funds


1x Balisong - Yama-dura


2x BDU Digital urban pattern shirt 2x BDU Digital urban pattern trousers 4x Black T-Shirts 1x pair gloves, leather, black 1x pair boots, black 6x pair boot Socks, black 1x Belt, dark brown 2x Tank tops, green 1x Digital urban pattern bandana, weared on neck. 5x Set of undergartment 3x Sport brassiere


5x Abwehran vitamin supplements (10ks a piece) 1x Iron supply of preservatives

Character Data
Character NameI. "Wespe" Tittenlieb
Character OwnerShotJon
Character StatusInactive Player Character

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