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Laj Vinross Yu

Laj is the co-founder of Vinross Yu-Cranker Materials and the CEO of Vinross Yu Aeronautical Aptitudes, as well as the System Senator of the Delsauria system. He is an NPC played by The Essential Moon Man.

Species: Nepleslian
Gender: Male
Age: 39 years
Height: 6โ€™2โ€
Weight: 154
Organization: Vinross Yu-Cranker Materials, Vinross Yu Aeronautical Aptitudes
Rank: Company President
Occupation: Metal and mineral trade, shipwright, Nepleslian senator
Current Placement: Vinross Yu-Cranker Corporate

General View

  • Build: Slim and tall, somewhat lanky
  • Skin Color: Well tanned light-brown skin
  • Facial Features: Sharp, somewhat handsome features, a definitive smug appearance
  • Eye color: Black
  • Hair color and Style: Short, slicked-back jet-black hair

Laj in Roleplay

Laj Vinross Yu is quite the businessman. Slick, sly, confidant and successful are words that immediately come to mind when someone see Mr. Vinross Yu. Before co-founding Vinross Yu-Cranker Materials, Laj worked on his homeworld of Delsauria as an asteroid miner in the belts surrounding the desert planet. However, after a sudden absorption of his company forced him to pursue new ventures, the Nepleslian erected the now monumentally successful resourcing company.

Laj Vinross Yu is a notorious gambler by nature. He is a firm believer in Lady Luck, and is a frequent patron in many high-society casinos around the Nepleslian Empire. Vinross Yu runs his like around chance, luck and the thrill of the gamble; as such, his lifestyle and personality are very fluid and, if the success of Vinross Yu-Cranker Materials has any relation, has boded very well for Laj in his time co-owning the business.

After a few years into the life of his company, Laj bought out a small shipwright business in Delsauria, renaming the company Vinross Yu Aeronautical Aptitudes and refocusing the companies design and manufacturing of civilian construction vehicles to heavy duty atmosphere and zero-g resourcing ships and large-scale transport vessels. Currently, Vinross Yu Aeronautical Aptitudes only sells to Vinross Yu-Cranker Materials, having eliminated the middle-man between the purchase and use of 3rd party mining equipment and ships.

Character Data
Character NameLaj Vinross Yu
Character OwnerMoon Man
Character StatusInactive Player Character

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