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Hatu Museso Chiaki

Lieutenant Hatu Museso Chiaki is serving under the Star Military of Nepleslia Intelligence and Pacification Group and is currently in reassignment. He is played by Bilgecrank. He's also the younger sibling of the Chiaki Brothers, to see the older, more benign brother, just look at Kokuten's Profile.

Hatu Museso Chiaki
Species: Nepleslian
Gender: Male
Age: 26
Zodiac Sign: Leo
Height: 6'2โ€œ (187.96 cm)
Weight: 179 lb. (81.19 kg.)
Organization IPG
Rank Lieutenant
Occupation To be known at a later date
Current Placement Reassignment

Hatu's Voice and Theme

Hatu in Roleplay


Descriptions are based on the accounts of Hatu.

  • Father: Kokuten Gaiasis Chiaki the 4th (Nepleslian, Age 49)
โ€œFather? He is a knowledgeable Doctor, a practitioner of medicine. Funny, his inspiration was the movie Herald of the Tribe, a movie where a young Nepleslian doctor is accepted into a tribal society and becomes their witch-doctor. Thanks to the spare equipment he has on hand, he treats the entire tribe and cures them of some common cold or something like that. The details are sparse, but when you look at it, it spawned one of the greatest men medical science has ever known. Gaiasis only follows at father's tail, hoping that some kind brilliance will steam out on top of him.โ€
  • Mother: Triana Hatu Vevius (Nepleslian, Age 48)
โ€œAh, Mother, a true woman of Science. Her engineering brilliance is a true aspiration.โ€
  • Brother: Kokuten Gaiasis Chiaki the 5th [Nickname: Gaiasis] (Nepleslian, Age 26)
โ€œGaiasis? Bah, Vermin.โ€

Physical Appearence

  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 25
  • Height: 6'2โ€/187.96 cm.
  • Mass: 179 lb./81.19 kg.

General View

  • Handedness: Ambidextrous
  • Build: Not very muscular in the areas that aren't cyberized, shoulders extend to a more narrow length than most Nepleslians, as his chest does not protrude or is as wide as the usual marine-like Nepleslian. His limbs, however, are rather long, as are his hands, feet(size 13), and fingers.
  • Skin Color: Dark Tan Flesh-Colored skin.
  • Facial Features: Narrow, yet medium length from brow to hair forehead; a usual brow; long, brow to tip nose, however slightly thin; wide mouth; chin juts slightly.
  • Eye color: A pair of red lensed cybernetic eyes, the metal around the lenses have been detailed to a white color.
  • Hair color and Style: Dark brown hair pulled tightly back into a ponytail, shortly trimmed boxed beard.
  • Distinguishing Features: Hatu's body is heavily modified with different sorts of cybernetics, each one with a white color.

Cybernetic Lense Eyes: A pair red LED lense eyes, each trimed by a white metal ring. Has optical zoom functions(x10 Zoom), HUD, and is able to display the desktop of his torso computer.

Cybernetic Volumetric Emitters: A pair of Volumetric Emitters rest on the edges of his eyes, allowing to effectively project any image he wants in a 5 ft. radius of his face.

Cybernetic Torso: A strong torso that serves mainly to hold up Hatu's frame after a rather indecent accident, his organs are nestled inside. Other than being a bit of natural armor, Hatu also has a wide slot(red led light bordering the slot) that fits a small computer module under the back of his neck. This wires up through the more organic parts of his neck, to his brain(for control), and his eyes(for use).

Torso Computer: In appearance, a big rectangular block(white in color, with a red LEDs to show that it is functioning) with a slot to fit in the back of Hatu's torso cybernetic. This device allows Hatu to access a small heads-up-display in his cybernetic eyes, to running on an AwesomeCorp โ€œSkylight 28โ€ PC operating system. This computer allows Hatu to access more refined functions in his cybernetics, and allows him to access blueprints, communicate with others, and, within a certain range of a network, surf the InterNEP. However, this makes living comfortably with it difficult. The torso computer juts out an angle from the slot on his torso, making reclining, sleeping, bathing, clothing, power armor piloting, sex, and fitting into small places difficult if not impossible. This is why, when you properly shut it down, the computer is easily removable. (NOTE: Removing without shutting down may cause Hatu to experience a small shocking feeling or temporary blindness)

Cybernetic Arms: A standard set of cybernetic arms, white in color. These are designed for delicate work, connected to the eyes and torso comp for maximum dexterity. These arms, however, are not for heavy-lifting work, specifically having a lifting strain(may damage some parts) of 200 lb./90.72 and breaking point of 250 lb./113.4.

Power Source: A complex set of nano-size paddles that are placed on the inside of the blood vessels. These are injected via a needle and are set to attach to the vessel walls that are inside the cybernetic part of the body. After the base of the construct has attached to the vessel wall, it extends a small needle-like projection through the vessle wall. This large number of projections are connected to a small box located in the bottom part of the back, which transfers the generated power to the cybernetics.

Mental Characteristics


Deceptive, underhanded, perfect, and particularly selfish, Hatu isn't your normal sort of Chiaki. Unlike his family, Hatu finds that looking out for number one is the only way to go. If something dirty or physically challenging needs to be done, he'll make someone else do it. Any nice nature behind his action usually has some sort of benefit to him in it. That said, Hatu usually comes off as a polite individual, yet his intentions will eventually show.

True care and love only extends to only his parents and a very select few of people. Hatu tends to keep social connections to a minimum. One unlikely exclusion from this small group is his brother, Kokuten Gaiasis Chiaki the 5th. Often referring to him as 'Gaiasis', Hatu tends to be at his brother's neck(and vice versa) on a certain number of things. Particularly, on Hatu's account, Kokuten's sad excuse of a personality.

Preferences and Goals

  • General Likes: Getting his way, technology, blind loyalty, a henchman, beer.
  • General Dislikes: Smoking, rebels, disrespect, having to deal with an overburdening task himself.
  • Religion: None, is a Nihilist
  • Favorite Color: Red
  • Favorite Band: Alnuthlay Banquo
  • Favorite Song: Alnuthlay Banquo - 9th Symphony: Under the Castle
  • Favorite Book: Severing Thy Ties (Murder/Tragedy)
  • Favorite Movie: The Fist of Iron (War Tragedy)
  • Lucky Number: 6
  • Clothing: Hatu's attire is completely formal, no matter what time of day it is. He even wears a bit of fancy night pajamas to bed.
  • Food: Hatu prefers food that is either excessively sweet, sour, or spicy. Mild tasting food is boring to him. He prefers his meals hot when served, and prefers drinks cold enough to break the glass.
  • Sexuality: Unknown
  • Tastes in (?): Hatu's taste in the opposite sex, or same sex is unknown, he is known to shut his personal self away from everyone.
  • Goals: To gain power and become a strong figure in Nepleslia.


Birth and Pity

Born into a well-off family, raised in a Yamataian lifestyle, Hatu was blessed with a healthy Nepleslian body. Unlike his unlucky brother, who was born with defective limbs and eyes. In his early years, Hatu learned to pity his brother growing up. It was common for adults to have cybernetics, but it was a rarity of children to have such things. Which why Hatu defended his brother when comments were made behind Kokuten's back.

A Realization of Power

Hatu grew well with his studies, this however, led to a lack of good social graces. If a child had a fight to pick with Kokuten, the boy could use his power arms to throw that other child clear across the room. Hatu, however, did not have this luxury. He was often picked on, and kicked around as a child. He quickly grew tired of it, and came to a solution, when Kokuten came to his aid one day.

He needed someone to fight for him.

The young Nepleslian realized this tidbit of information and took it with him through the rest of his life. He would round up any sort of strongarm needed to defend himself in school. Most of them were easily coaxed in helping him, often with a few sneaky words. This made him realise that loyalty and knowledge were power among his people. Hatu had found that he wanted more of this 'power', he wanted the loyalty of many, but he would need to achieve that through a different medium, knowledge.

Learning from Mistakes

His underhanded nature only grew as he moved on through school, but so did his intelligence. Being the son of a mechanical genius, he had the benefit of grabbing a hold of working with machines at a young age. He would often conduct his own inventions and work in the Chiaki Compound(which was also the home of the Chiakis.) These experiments would prove disastrous, as at the age of 19, an explosion nearly tore away at his torso and arms, and nearly blinding him. Luckily with the Chiaki funding, he was able to get those damaged parts replaced and then some.

The incident at home made Hatu understand that he needed to know and do more. So while his brother set out to the military to join the Medical Academy on Nepleslia, Hatu set out to join Omnitech University. There, he would extend his knowledge to complex engineering and mechanical disciplines. His graduation would lay out a long range of job choices, one of particular interest, was the IPG.

The Start to Fruition

The Intelligence and Pacification Group seemed to be Hatu's chance to realize his abilities. So he applied for a job that would fit his skills, the personnel division of the IPG placed him as a Technical Consultant. After a thorough background check, he was taught how to shoot(despite your position in the IPG, you learned how to shoot a weapon) and how to defend himself. With that, and a few courses in familiarization of already made IPG technology, Hatu would find himself sitting higher, and closer to his goal, as a Lieutenant(which led him to be rather smug about the fact that he achieved a higher rank that his brother in such short amount of time.)

Service Record


Medical Record

  • No military medical updates.


Hatu's skill have been divided into four sections: Master, Superior, Major, and Minor. A Master Skill is a skill that has developed so much over time, that it's processes could performed in his sleep. Superior skills are skills that Hatu has really focused and perform better than most people in the galaxy. Major skills are usually skills that are trained by profession, or were worked into enough to where he perform job efficiently. Minor Skills are skills that have not trully developed to a point to where one could actually call him 'skilled', however the base idea of that skill is embedded within his mind and he is able to perform that skill.

Master Skill

Hatu has no Master Skill as of yet.

Superior Skills

Hatu is a perfectionist, thus, you'll often find him learning more and more about the professions that make up his career. Handling electronics and machinery is practically a lifestyle for him. He would make the perfect engineer, tech, or comm. officer of any group.


Hatu's handwriting is extremely neat and well practiced, he is able to write and speak in both english and japanese. He also familiar with the more basic forms of communication such as phones, radios, instant messaging, and E-Mail. However, he is adept in handing out information and regulating it between groups over wide frequencies.

Maintenance and Repair

Never being an outside person, Kokuten had a hard time learning his survival skills in basic. Though, with trial and error he learned how to survive in hostile environments. He learned to build shelters, hunt and forage for food, build a fire, etc. Even camouflage himself and become familiar with guerrilla warfare tactics.


Hatu's education at Omnitech left him with the ability to craft and create new ideas and inventions. These teachings instilled the information and in-and-outs of machinery and devices. This knowledge, he hopes, is something that will take him far in his profession.

Technology Operation

In part with basic studies and simply working with his Torso Computer, Hatu is famliar with handling computers that use the Skylight 28 OS and most forms of ship computer systems. He is also capable of handling InterNEP networks and data sharing networks.

Major Skills

Though he possesses one Major Skill, that one skill is a definition of who Hatu is. He's underhanded and sneaky, and will not hold back his verbal onslaught or lies for most people. This makes Hatu a good person to have ones side if the cards are being dealt.


Hatu is a manipulative man, and he will pull as many strings as he can to get things he wants done. The engineer's deep charisma leads to him to be very convincing to others. His nature causes him to stay in the background while others are made to handle dirty work for him. He is also an adept liar.

Minor Skills

Hatu doesn't fancy affecting a situation with his own actions, infact, he'd rather things fix themselves. Life doesn't go the way Hatu wants all the time, so he has a clear understanding of the use of small arms, and entertaining speech. This makes him a little capable in combat, or just being able to hold the attention of others by either talking directly or delaying them.


While Hatu himself feels the fighting should be taken care of by those who are actually trained for it, he feels the need protect himself. During his enterance into the IPG, Hatu was trained in the use of pistols, and taught how to fire them accurately.


On the fly, Hatu can whip up an interesting story that can captivate the imaginations of others. At times he uses this ability just for people to admire his skills, other times are just to get them to shut up. He also happens to have a sense of humor, allowing him to make a joke or two about the situation at hand.



  • 2 Pullover shirt, green, with rank patches on shoulder pads and name plate
  • 4 underwear, white
  • 2 Khaki cargo pants
  • 1 Beret, green, with flash patch
  • 1 pair gloves, leather, black
  • 1 pair boots, black (or khaki)
  • 6 pair boot Socks, white
  • 1 Belt, dark green (pants)
  • 1 White strap, fits around any arm, has a red cross on it
  • Rank Patch, Lieutenant

Weapons, Weapon Accessories

  • 1 RPB Pistol belt, black, with holster
  • 1 RPB Pistol, semi-automatic, .45 caliber, with 2 extra magazines


  • 1 pair identification tags, metal, with name and hometown


  • Current: 6000 DA
  • Income: None
  • Expenses: None
Character Data
Character NameHatu Museso Chiaki
Character OwnerBilgecrank
Character StatusInactive Player Character

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