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Gwendolyn Kossuth

Gwendolyn Kossuth is a player character played by Hotelkilo.

Gwendolyn Kossuth
Species & Gender: Nepleslian/Human Female
Date of Birth: YE 16
Organization: National Police Force of Nepleslia
Occupation: DTR Officer
Rank: Field Officer, Grade 1
Current Placement: The Professionals

Physical Description

Height: 5'8“

Weight: 141 lbs

Measurements: 36D-28-40

Build: Gwen is solidly in the middle of the pack in most things physical; there are plenty of women that are more physically endowed, athletically built, or muscular. However, she manages to compromise things fairly well. Underweight as a girl she's worked out through most of her teens to build up a respectable muscle mass. She has a darker, Coffee-with-creamer sort of shade, skin, and flaxen light blonde hair cut to a utilitarian bob. Her eyes are violet, the hazel ones she was born with having been replaced several years with a cybernetic set.


Functionally, Gwen is little more or less corrupt then the average NPF patrol cop; she'll take a free meal, some cash to ignore a parking fine, or to check by a business more often at night. She also firmly believes that the only way to combat the numerous street gangs is to meet them with overwhelming force; if they know what to expect from the cops then they'll be all the more willing to avoid it. Play nice, however, and it's easier to get on her good side.

At the same time, she's a fierce and passionate friend to her squad mates, often warming up to others far faster then they might be willing to. 'Affable' is a term that gets tagged to her a lot; Gwen often shows up with snacks or Coffee to roll call, cracks jokes, and will share around part of the 'take' to her comrades. She's can be counted on to listen and keep what's said quiet. The same doesn't extend to the department as a whole. She sees little reason to share the profits of her beat with the brass or even station officers. They've got no right to take a chunk out of what she's earned.


Born on Nepleslia proper, in Ayhan, Gwen's childhood was marked by the intensifying turmoil that effected most kids her age. Being a girl, and not a particularly strong one at that, she never ran with any particular gang or crew. Instead she spent a good deal of time on athletics (that she wasn't good at) or tinkering with guns. The middle child of three, both her brothers were surprisingly ready adventure partners of their little sister. They could provide the protection and she could find the holes to sneak in or fences to crawl under. Like most Nepleslians, her family made ends meet more or less working in a magnetic coil plant down the street from their apartment. While not one of the poorest parts of society, sneaking into uptown backyards and garages as a kid let her glimpse a world of comfortable prosperity, security.

Encouraged by both her parents Gwen rebuilt a GP-1 into a lightened plinking rifle in high school. For a time it looked like she'd go to work for one of the nation's arms combines, however she was struck by a series of government career shorts on the National Police Force. Gwen saw it as a chance to combine her love of guns with a longing for respect she felt bereft of. With a badge and a uniform on the streets, she would be the law. Increasing her workout routine from 'half-assed' to 'actually trying' she was able to pass the physical exam and admitted to the police academy.

After graduation, Gwen spent most of her career in the 110th Precinct in Roger Wilco City, though she's been bounced to a few other duty stations throughout her career, and worked just about every shift, never drawing enough attention to get promoted. Once on the inside she discovered exactly how much power the average beat cop had; a detective might make more in one go but they didn't have the steady income from the people on a beat that knew you. It also didn't include the respect that the street cop got from the 'honest' people for taking on the local strongmen.

Gwen has a reputation for marksmanship with rifle and pistol, carrying a personally purchased and accurized IAW in the trunk of her car. Perhaps more importantly to her at least is her reputation among her coworkers as a 'bro', always ready to back a squad mate in a dangerous situation or off-duty at the bar, ready with a sarcastic remark or an extra bit of cash to cover them until pay day.

Being selected for one of the newly forming Designated Tactical Response was a surprise; she has welcomed the rigorous training and preparation to take on the most dangerous situations and can't help but be proud of the recognition. She's made a half-hearted effort to improve her ethical positions, though it is easier to not be on the take now that she's not on the street every day.

Social Connections

  • Carter Kossuth (Father)
  • Evelyn Kossuth (Mother)
  • C.G. Kossuth (Brother)
  • Florian Kossuth (Brother)

Skills Learned


Gwen can speak one language and one language only; Nepleslian. Not especially artful or deep in vocabulary, she can still wield it to some effect against perps or her squad. She also learned to use standard police com gear at the academy, in addition to the basics of tactical sign language and signaling.


Gwen, like every properly raised child, grew up with firearms. Mostly surplus rifles and her parents' pistols, she's practiced shooting from then on. Possessed of good judgement and target selection skill, she's honed her ability in the numerous gang shootouts the NPF engages in on a near daily basis. Martial arts doesn't come quite as easily, lacking the physical strength to truly excel at it. She's focused more on asymmetric techniques, disarming larger opponents, etc. She's also likely to punch first if she thinks someone's ready to start a fight.


Despite her several years on the police force, Gwen hasn't ever participated in operations above the precinct level. That being said, in addition to her basic training in small unit tactics, she's spent a lot of time on the streets patrolling with her squad. Well versed in conventional police tactics and maneuvering, she recently completed the DTR advanced training courses to improve her ability to handle more dangerous and delicate situations.

Maintenance and Repair

Also extending back to childhood is her hobby, later turned schooled amateur, of gunsmithing. Taking apart small arms is a relaxing, familiar activity for her, though she prefers pistols and rifles to SMGs or heavier weapons. Recognizing her ability, she's palled around with the 110th Precinct's armorer for years, plying him with beer and Neppy's for additional pointers.

Knowledge (Nepleslian Law)

Universal to all NPF officers, Gwen was schooled in the Imperium's laws at the academy. In day to day use that often has applied as much to knowing how far it's possible to bend the law as it has to knowing what statutes a perp is violating. Especially the regs on bribery.


Half learned from her somewhat disreputable father (purely to get the apartment open if she loses her key) and perfected getting into locked car trunks, briefcases, and security containers otherwise secured from entry, Gwen is a practiced lockpick. She's also learned the streets of Nepleslia's big cities well, picking up on the local street life, what's considered right and wrong by the people she's supposed to protect. She has seen how much it helps to hold the high ground in the eyes of the locals over whomever she's got in cuffs, or what button to push to get that extra payout from a grateful bystander.

Inventory & Finance

Gwendolyn Kossuth has the following items:

  • NPF field officer's uniform
  • Ballistics vest
  • Earbud radio
  • Duty belt with holster and equipment pouches
  • Zen Armaments .357 Pistol
  • Three spare pistol magazines
  • AwesomeCorp DataJockey
  • “Door Breaker” Lockpicks
  • NaX-W/X-03a IPG “Sunstick” Truncheon
  • Infantry Assault Weapon
  • Three spare rifle magazines
  • Sap gloves

OOC Information

In the case Hotelkilo becomes inactive:

  • Can this character be used as an NPC by a GM or FM? YES
  • Can this character be adopted after I am gone for a year? YES
Character Data
Character NameGwendolyn Kossuth
Character OwnerHotelkilo
Character StatusInactive Player Character

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