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Chastity Dhomochevsky

Chastity Dhomochevsky is an NPC controlled by Windra.

Chastity Dhomochevsky
Species: Nepleslian
Gender: female
Age: 33
Height: 5'4
Weight: 130 lb
Organization: Origin Industries
Occupation: OFY Shipbuilder
Rank: Employee
Current Placement:

Physical Characteristics

  • Height: 5'4
  • Mass: 130 lb
  • Measurements: A34

Build and Skin Color: Chastity Dhomochevsky is tan-skinned with a medium build.

Eyes and Facial Features: While looking suspiciously average with symmetrical features, Dhomochevsky does have a mole under one eye, and looks younger than she actually is despite mild wrinkles that betray her age (that or she's spent a lot of time under the sun). She has cybernetic eyes that are very obviously cyberized, in the form of mirrored lenses set directly into her eye sockets. Her enhanced eyes can adjust to different light levels, and provide polarizing.

Hair Color and Style: Dhomo's natural hair colour is brunette, but she maintains a dyed green streak in a layered bob style down to her shoulders. Her naturally wavy hair makes keeping it tidy somewhat a non-priority.

Distinguishing Features: With cyberized lens-eyes, she never has to blink. XD

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Dhomo seems to be naturally happy-go-lucky, and isn't one to let small setbacks (or even large ones, for that matter) get her down. In general she tends to be a rather cheerful, outgoing and optimistic person, and can be almost ruthlessly happy at times. She likes to be physical with her emotions, always touching people when the mood strikes. Usually this is with a pat on the back or a punch to the face. Otherwise, she enjoys tackling challenges with a gung-ho attitude, and is easily disappointed by people who are slow to react or respond. Dhomo does not fear failure, only budget cuts.

When it comes to business however, Dhomo is able to quickly switch into a more sober personality in order to concentrate on matters requiring precision and sincerity. Her pragmatism is tempered only by her dry sense of humour. Also, she investigates and questions any suggestion no matter how unusual or preposterous, and is easily satisfied by simple solutions, no matter how elegant or clumsy they may be. (But like any engineer, she has a preference for elegance.)

Having grown up in the care of the morally-ambiguous, Dhomochevsky has developed a rather specialized ability to completely disregard ethical or moral considerations unless otherwise advised. However, this does not mean she cannot understand or empathize; she merely gives approximately zero fucks.

  • Likes: doing anything with style or gusto. Math. SCIENCE
  • Dislikes: milquetoasts, waiting around, boring people.
  • Goals: To make shit better, more efficient, more awesome.


Family (or Creators)

Born to parents Iko and Dyson Dhomochevsky, Chastity grew up a relatively cheerful and inquisitive person, bright-eyed but sharp. Her parents were fortunately clever and well-off Freemen, able to play various social cards to keep them both safe, interested, and busy most of the time. Young Chastity's parents were also both accomplished criminals, but that hardly stopped them from providing their daughter with a privileged education. Both parents still live comfortably, having… sort of retired from their former rackets. Sort of.


Chastity Dhomochevsky has led an interesting life full of atypical hardships and difficulties, usually stemming from being kidnapped or threatened or being forced into violent situations thanks to the occupations of her criminally-inclined, yet loving parents. With the support of her parents however, Chastity regards her peculiar childhood – full of shady figures and playing with their shady kids – with honest fondness, and maintains no real regrets. Her parents meanwhile fostered her natural inquisitiveness by providing her with guided learning materials and plenty of books throughout her schooling years. As a result, Chastity acquired top marks in her class, advanced well through college, and later became employed by Origin Industries as an engineer and ship designer. With a love for quantum mechanics and mechanical manufacturing in general, Chastity is basically living out her life's dream and is completely happy with the way things are.



Chastity Dhomochevsky has the following items:


Chastity Dhomochevsky is currently a OAW Shipbuilder in the Origin Industries.

Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
3000 KS Starting Funds

OOC Discussion

Designed to be a 'normal' NPC for Origin Industries. :D

Character Data
Character NameChastity Dhomochevsky
Character OwnerWindra
Character StatusNPC Available for GM or FM use

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