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Alex Foster

Alex Foster
Species: Nepleslian
Gender: Male
Age: 35
Height: 6'0
Weight: 146 lbs.
Organization: None
Occupation: Independently Wealthy
Rank: Money
Current Placement: Craggston, Vandenberg

Alex Foster in Roleplay

Alex Foster is a player character played by Lam.

Physical Characteristics

Height: 6'0 Mass: 146 lbs. Measurements: Build and Skin Color: Alex is of medium build, well-toned muscles providing a small presence over his body for a well-rounded shape and size. His skin is fairly pale, but not unusually so.

Eyes and Facial Features: Alex has one blue right eye and one cybernetic left eye, lit by a blue LED. He can remove the eye to look around corners, check under doors, and even brighten the LED for use as a flashlight. He does not wear his cybernetic eye constantly, having made many modifications to it which cause it to heat up under constant use; and will often be seen with an eyepatch over his empty implant socket. Because of his thick eyelids, he typically holds the appearance of being half-asleep. He has high cheekbones and an upturned nose. A set of dark, thin lips stretched across a pointed jaw completes the look of permanent disinterest in his face.

Hair Color and Style: While typically being a neat-freak, since the Mishu invasion of YE 32, Alex has let his straight black hair go wild. It can typically seen pushed over to one side of his head so he can scratch the temple next to his cybernetic eye.

Distinguishing Features: Cybernetic eye or eyepatch.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Although typically personable to an extent, Alex has always seemed disinterested in whatever others have to say. At times, he is quiet and brooding. Other times, he's been known to take on the role of a lecturer, with a certain deadpan twist to his lessons. Mostly, Alex is a calm individual. His relatively exciting life has left him mostly burnt out. He rarely laughs, and rarely expresses feelings other than indifference and boredom. A little egotistic; Alex goes into most situations with the belief that he is correct, however; he's not beyond admitting it when he's wrong.

Likes: Puzzles, a good challenge, assembling furniture without the instruction manual, jazz Dislikes: Whiners, Talkers, Shufflers, Nervous Nelly's, and other brands of annoying people Goals: Do something he deems meaningful before he turns thirty forty; liberate Funky City from the NMX โ€œWell, that worked out alright, I suppose.โ€


Family (or Creators)

Dead, Parents killed in gang-shooting shortly after birth. Brother killed during YE 32 Funky City NMX invasion.


Even as a child, Alex felt unimpressed by most things. He excelled in school in most cases, and made no effort to improve when he failed. Up until his teenage years, he was mostly a recluse who preferred spending time with tasks, rather than people. At age fifteen, however; he discovered the female anatomy in a heated encounter with a female classmate who had a crush on him and instantly devoted the next few years of his life to unraveling the mysteries of the fairer sex.

At age 18, this pursuit had lost its shine to him, leaving him with an ambition to join the military. After a brief, boring stint (the horrors of being a fragile man in the normally fought between Neko and otherwordly beastmen Elysian Wars something quickly swept under the mental rug) in the Star Army, he returned home and lended his hand to the powerful Nepleslian crime syndicates as an enforcer. After rising through the ranks for years, he grew bored once again and turned this time to drugs.

His dealings with drugs and their users taught Alex alot about the underworld of Funky City and the chemicals which dwell in it. At age 24, at the end of his rope, Alex set down his needle for the last time; once again bored out of his mind. It was at this point he began a true search for personal fulfillment. This involved working in everything from construction to food delivery. He followed this path of pointless wandering until YE 33. He was just starting to become desperate for a career change, when a former associate, Lyle Clemente approached him with a unique offer: Become the leader of a resistance movement.

Taking It Back

Alex was the leader of the Funky City Resistance Movement during the Mishu Invasion of YE 32-34. He orchestrated guerrilla attacks on Mishu holdings in the city and put together a special squad featuring some of the toughest Nepleslians to ever work together. He accepted the surrender of the NMX forces at the end of their occupation and disappeared, allowing the government to take the planet back without him or his input.


Alex spent his days after the Resistance working with an imperfect clone of his dead brother, Jake. He meant to scrounge intact memories from a damaged cerebral spider chip along with existing cloning vat programming technology to bring his departed brother back to life; but was stopped at every turn by a lack of resources. In the end, after endless experimentation with drug therapy and minor surgeries, he failed to make this clone into his brother and it died under his hands. This was Alex's first outright failure in his life, and it brought him privately to the conclusion that the intact Nepleslian brain is the only key to survival. Unfortunately, having stolen vast quantities of drugs and money for this endeavor he was pursued by the criminal enterprises he'd tricked into helping him. With the help of some of his old friends from the Resistance, Alex escaped to Planet Vandenberg. There, he was pursued by Cassidy Clemente, a drug manufacturer and slave trafficker who intended to use a special drug cocktail of Alex's own invention to make him into her personal assistant for life. Using his friends as resources, Alex stormed the extravagant mansion she built on Vandenberg and killed many of the mercenaries she'd hired to capture him before forcing her to undergo the same treatment she'd imagined for him. Alex took her and her mansion for his own. Shortly afterwards, another old friend from the Resistance, a former Nepleslian businessman named Samuel Dalton showed up on the doorstep. He was at the bottom of his barrel, addicted to painkillers and still several years after mourning the passing of his long-dead wife. Alex turned him away at the door, and Sammy was later reported to have hanged himself. This strained Alex's relationships with his closest friend Lucas and the aging barowner Rosa who'd accompanied him from the homeworld. Both distanced themselves from him and left Alex to his mansion where he could become an island once more.

Vance Bridge Road

Two years after his falling out with his friends, Alex still resided in his mansion on Vance Bridge Road, and his former friends though cold and distant to him still resided in their own homes nearby. The neighborhood was quiet until the tail end of YE 37, when local gangs, murders, undercover foreign agents, and all manner of strange goings on forced them to undergo their eventual reunion; as a small slice of the big, complicated pie that made up the events of the neighborhood that year.

Skill Areas


Most of Alex's jobs required him to have some knowledge of combat. His stint as a soldier taught him how to use most firearms and weapons technology, although his knowledge of the advanced mechanisms is a little outdated after eight years out of the service. None-the-less, he has a soldier's mind and body which he maintains through rigorous exercise and target practice in his spare time.


A life of crime teaches us many lessons. The strongest lesson Alex Foster learned from his life of crime is the lesson of command. His experience with scumbags and thugs under his beck and call gave Alex the knowledge and the tools to command even the most unruly of wards. He has a firm command style that tends to make his cronies both love and hate him simultaneously.


While dipping his hands in the cookie-jar of the drug world, Alex came to know all-to-well the wide variety of street pharmaceuticals and their effects. His time spent on various drugs allows him to recognize the use of those drugs for their medicinal effects. His time spent being sick on those drugs gave him the skills to treat minor injuries and combat most illnesses.


A criminal is a special type of person with no boundaries except those created by their own skills. Alex has always been a very skilled individual, and it shows when he works. Proficiency in negotiations, money laundering, lockpicking, and confidence tricks has given Alex the criminal edge needed to survive on the tough streets of Funky City.


With a nearly flawless memory and a hunger for knowledge at a young age, Alex had amassed a number of facts in his lifetime. While most of his facts are useless, some have been tools in certain situations. Although he hasn't tried everything, Alex's primary focus is construction and demolitions. Using this knowledge, he can build improvised bombs, booby traps, reinforced structures and vehicles and even home-made weapons; so long as he's got a helping hand here or there.


Alex has always kept himself in good shape, and one of his favorite ways to do so is free-running in the alleys of Funky City. Typically at night, and typically alone, he makes long stretches of distance in short periods of time, just by maintaining a steady pace. He's never managed to beat the record set by his childhood friend and fellow free-runner Vincienzo Bortelli.


Being an excellent deliveryman, Alex is a master at operating air-bikes, motorcycles and small cars. While he is intimidated by the idea of driving larger vehicles, he is none-the-less capable of the feat. He received a crash course in helicopter flight for an assignment in the military, but has never had the opportunity to test that knowledge.

Inventory & Finances

Alex is the owner of a massive mansion complex on Vandenberg in the city of Craggston. Contained within this mansion and the small buildings surrounding it are nearly limitless supplies for a self-sustaining community and a vault packed tight with valuables from all over the galaxy. The particular details of these holdings are many and at times strange. Suffice to say, he is a man of means. (That is to say, he is a GM character and he might appear at any given time with a MacGuffin of appropriate value to the story.)

OOC Discussion

This character is intended to be my main means of player-prodding in the Taking It Back plot. Be gentle.

Character Data
Character NameAlex Foster
Character OwnerLamb
Character StatusInactive Player Character

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