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Adele 'Just Adele' White

Adele 'Just Adele“ White is a player character played by Deathevn.

  Adele 'Just Adele' White  
  Species:  Nepleslian 
  Gender:  Female 
  Age:  25 
  Height:  5'6 
  Weight:  150 
  Organization:  Star Military of Nepleslia Intelligence and Pacification Group 
  Occupation:  Operator 
  Rank:  Operator  
  Current Placement:      

Preferred Plots:   - Taking it back

Physical Characteristics

Height: 5'6 Mass: 150lbs Measurements: 32b

Build and Skin Color: She has a well toned athletic figure while still keeping her femininity . She is Caucasian with a slight tan.

Eyes and Facial Features: Has a pair of cybernetic eyes, blue in color. They are not overly well hidden, they dilate heavily when her vision shifts to the infrared and to amplify light .

Ears: Her right ear is cybernetic. While a decent mockup of a normal ear it is not perfect, and most people who spend time with her, or people that are particularly observant will spot it.

Hair Color and Style: She has long black hair pulled back into a ponytail , the tips dyed emerald green.

Distinguishing Features: Her right arm is fully cybernetic , it gives her a significantly improved degree of strength with that arm opposed to her left, it also hides a serrated blade just short of the length of her forearm that ejects up through the palm , and has to be physically set back into her arm when used. Her ear is replaced by a cybernetic one, allowing her right ear a improved grade of hearing. Her eyes can be adjusted to amplify light (night vision) and set to infrared. Short videos can be recorded from her perspective , but she only has enough memory to hold upwards of 15 minutes at a time . The data can then be pushed onto any standard storage device via a port on her cybernetic arm .

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Even if she is incapable of living up to it, Adele is a perfectionist that has a very difficult time dealing with situations that take control from her . This has caused her to grow a fairly strong case of OCD in some situations , though in the interests of her career she has learned to keep it under control in extreme or combat situations. She is often frustrated with sloppiness in military procedure and on rare occasions will go as far as to suggest, politely, how to better organize things. She is ultimately loyal to Nepleslia.

She has grown used to a strict regimen of daily exercises both physical and mental to further her own self growth.

Likes: Organization , neatness. Dislikes: Disorganization , people who refuse to take personal responsibility, mess Goals: Adele's first and foremost goal is always protecting Nepleslia's interests as best she sees them. Eventually she sees herself with a nice beach home, a white picked fence and a significant other but that is mostly pushed aside at the moment in the face of doing her job to the best of her abilities.


Family (or Creators)

Her family was killed at a young age in a car bombing, that left her with her her cybernetic ear and right arm.   


Adele grew up with little to no parenting on the streets of Nepleslia. Her parents were killed in a gang related car bombing, Adele herself barely survived and it took the bulk of what her parents owned being sold off to pay for the simple prosthesis that where needed to help live even a semi normal life. In the process she found very little honest work to help her live on the hard streets of Nepleslia and found herself taking jobs in any way they would come. She would eventually become a messenger girl for a few of the smaller gangs and despite what may be in her best interests, she found herself memorizing the messages she was sent to deliver.

She quickly became host to a great many dark secrets, and it wasn't long before she started to leverage these secrets to living a bit better of a life then the one she had. When the locals caught wind of this it was only a short matter of time before she found herself on the run from the people who would prefer these secrets kept as such. She found her only chance was to approach the IPG and hope to sell what she knew for protection, instead they offered her a job. During her training she had the very basic prosthesis she possessed into more up to date models and had her eyes replaced in the process.

She has gone through a few simple missions for the IPG , and has been recently re-assigned to the one place she could have done without, Nepleslia.

Post RP

Adele made her drop on Nepleslia relatively cleanly. After a day or so in the war torn city she arrived at the bar ' The Hop Joint' . After some drinking and a brief firefight she found out that the bar's owner. Rosa , was in contact with her primary target Alex Foster. The two did not hit it well off the bat but came to their agreements and Adele found herself being transferred to the mobile sub that Alex Foster was using to house the resistance.

A short time after, it was found that an soldier representing the NMX was on their ship, and offered the resistance their surrender if only a chance for them to leave. The terms where agreed on , and with the war seemingly coming to an end, Alex Foster vanished.

Not quite done with him, and wanting to see some questions answered Adele decided try to track him down, and made her way back to where it started, The Hop Joint to find her first contact.


Communications : Adele loves a good challenge for her mind, and cryptography has proven to be one her mind works with very well with. Given an appropriate amount of time she can decipher lightly coded messages with little aid, and though not yet put to the task, could likely tackle much more complicated ones given the appropriate amount of support

Fighting: Like all operational members of the IPG she has undergone rigorous forms of combat training. She has grown a slighted preference to short range armaments and will prefer to fall back in protracted battles in the interest of rejoining them under better circumstances later.

In a world of ID-SOL's and amazonian woman, Adele has adopted a different system for melee then your average soldier. Should it come to it, she is equipped and trained to fight vicious and dirty , well educated in soft spots , joint manipulation and the location of necessary arteries should the situation call for it.

Humanities : She is educated, and has taken a strict personal interest in what she calls \'the human condition\' while this has ultimately left her disappointed in humanity around her , in a lot of cases she has a strong understanding of human psychology and sociology , and has passing understanding of other races in these fields. If the situation demands, she may also be diplomatic, though the side of her is not as forthcoming as many would like.

Rogue: Spending a lot of time on the streets of Nepleslia , and augmented by her training, Adele has quick hands and a quick mind. Paired with her training in various forms of technology she has some knowledge of breaking electronic and physical locks , a passing skill with being slight of hand, and is very experienced in passing unseen in combat and non combat situations.

Survival and Military: Hit and run tactics and ambushes are both her specialty and where she is most comfortable. A long conducted firefight seeming a waste and a risk she would prefer not to take if the situation allows for it. With guerrilla warfare , if required she has shown a somewhat surprising lack of morality usually not accompanied by her character, and will sometimes seek brutal psychological advantages to match her tactical ones. She has gone through basic and advanced training with wilderness survival , but she is generally more comfortable with urban landscapes

Technology Operation: While no artist or heavy talent, she has been trained to use a full suite of basic and some classified technology that may be required for her to execute her missions . She has some understanding of hacking, but would prefer to leave it to more automated electronic means then get her hands dirty with it.

Physical : Adele keeps herself in excellent shape. a lot of her conditioning is done in a gym or similar establishment and tends towards shorter more controlled environments, rather then extreme's . She does pass all standards for military and the IPG.


Adele 'Just Adele” White has the following items:


Standard Wear

  • 1 IPG Armband
  • 2 pair black panty (female)
  • 1 pair black steel-toe SynAraS Combat Boots
  • 2 pair black Socks, 2 pair cotton, 2 pair wool
  • 1 sets of standard workout gear (Black synthetic fiber T-Shirt, black shorts)

Public Wear

  • 1 black double-breasted, knee-length trenchcoat, poplin with internal zip-up weapon pockets fit for M1 or XAR rifles
  • 1 black Pinstripe Italian-style dress jacket, silk
  • 1 white blouse, poplin
  • 1 black neckties
  • 1 pair Pinstripe black slacks ,1 black skirt
  • 1 black leather belts
  • 1 pair black leather wingtipped oxfords
  • 1 IPG Badge with belt clip
  • 1 shoulder holster
  • 1 black fitted SynAraS ballistics vest with durandium trauma plates
    • 1 set tinted black shades ,wrap around
    • 1 set civillian clothes.



  • Zen Armaments .45 Caliber Pistol
    1. Silencer
    2. 3 magazines
  • Na-W/P-08 Heavy Automatic Sidearm V3
    1. Red dot
    2. Extended Mag
    3. 5 magazines
  • 2 Utility Combat Knife M01A
    • 2x monofilament grenade
  • 1x M2 assault rifle
  1. 2 point sling
  2. sound suppressor
  3. flashlight
  4. fore grip


Due to being deployed on Nepelsia she has not been issued any suits of powerarmor



Adele 'Just Adele“ White is currently a Operator in the Star Military of Nepleslia Intelligence and Pacification Group.

Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
3000 KS Starting Funds

OOC Discussion

Art is done by Major Moonie which can be found : Feel free to hit them up for commissions!

Character Data
Character NameAdele 'Just Adele' White
Character OwnerDeathevn
Character StatusInactive Player Character
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