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Gavving Cathal

Gavving Cathal is a player character played by Enansel.

Gavving Cathal
Species & Gender: Nepleslian Male
Date of Birth: YE13(current age; 28)
Organization: Section 6
Occupation: Mechanical Engineering & Technology Expert
Rank: Co-CEO
Current Placement: Sirris VI

Preferred Plots: - Expanding Horizons: Nephis Nights

Physical Description

Height: 6'0โ€ / 1.8m Weight: 200 lbs / 90.7 kg

Build and Skin Color: Gavving has a good mix of leftover dominant ID-SOL traits from his father, and those from his Nepleslian mother. His height, broad shoulders, large and sturdy bone structure are all from his father, while his lighter golden brown skin, lithe look and defined features are more from his mother's side.

Eyes and Facial Features: Gavving's eyes are actually a seemingly crystal clear ice blue color in the right light, though they seem to change depending on if he's in natural, artificial, direct or indirect light. His features are all angular and sharp like those of his brother, and there isn't any discernible flaws in his bone structure that you can see from a distance.

Ears: His ears are proportionate to his head, more pointed at the tips and rounded towards the bottom. They sort of stick out from the side of his head and have no adornment or piercings.

Hair Color and Style: Though his natural hair color is a dark brunette, Gavving prefers to bleach and dye his hair in a riot of color as well as keeping it short. It's certainly long enough to tie back into a neat knot at the nape of his neck, but not long enough get him confused as being a woman even when looking at him from the back.

Distinguishing Features: Besides Gavving's riot of hair, the only other thing that he really has is a small tattoo high up on his shoulders where they meet his neck. The tattoo itself is actually a very small combination of a Rod of Asclepius set inside a five pointed star with a half circle of gears and cog wheels cradling the whole thing, tying all three of him and his siblings together in one small image.


Gavving is a very chill, relaxed and easy going sort of person. He prefers quiet company, a good movie or game, and good food to going out and partying or other such rowdy activities. He's usually pretty soft spoken most of the time, and dreads having to get up and speak in front of more than a few people. Despite his preference for being a lazy couch potato he understands the need to put all of his time and effort into completing projects and will actually tackle them with all of his attention when required.

He really hasn't had any solid relationships with anyone but his sister and brother, and has had no time or interest in sexual relationships, leaving him an absolute virgin. This means he's often easily flustered and has absolutely no skill when it comes to flirting or navigating the world at large as far as a committed relationship is concerned. Regardless of what kind of relationship he has with a person he does his best to treat everyone with respect and kindness, keeping in mind that he would want to be treated the same in return.


Gavving Cathal was born in (current age; 28).


Gavving grew up as the third of three children born to Catilin and Sean Cathal. He was born on the planet of Nepleslia and moved to New Dallas city on Vandenberg soon after the planet was colonized. His education was relatively normal and being so young he mostly ignored a lot of the gang violence and criminal activity that went on around him. With his surprise miracle older sister, and his expected older brother, to look after him when his parents were away he never really found himself wanting for anything. As he grew up he found that he enjoyed making things with his hands, and creating neat little inventions that would improve or at least make life easier on his siblings and parents.

He was the tender age of twelve when his parents were killed trying to stop a fight between gang members in their building. Gavving's world, however, didn't entirely fall apart as he had his sister enter into the Nepleslian Star Army, and his brother Quinn take up learning how to be a medic in order to provide for him. This allowed Gavving to go through the typical schooling and move into college where he used a few jobs in order to keep himself supplied with things he wanted while he was studying to become an engineer. His efforts in his classes, passing each of them with some of the highest grades and honors, didn't go unnoticed and he was soon offered to be moved off-world to Osman University to finish his schooling.

This schooling did take a while but ended with Gavving having several degrees in engineering and technology and agreed to go with the newly split off section of S6 with the aim and goal to create new inventions and revolutionary tech to aid in their goals and travel the world just like his older brother and sister.

Social Connections

Gavving Cathal is connected to:

  • Sean Cathal The 3rd (Father, Deceased)
  • Catilin Cathal (Mother, Deceased)
  • Quinn Cathal (Older Brother)
  • Sera Cathal (Older Sister).

Skills Learned


Gavving has a proficient grasp of both Trade and Yamataigo thanks to his upbringing. He can both read, write and speak both languages with reasonable fluency and comprehension. He's currently working on trying to learn more languages.


Gavving's long years of tinkering, working on the fly, and using what he has available to him, plus his long years of intense study and schooling has left him with the ability to engineer quite a bit of useful things on the fly. He's very familiar with mechanical, and technical, engineering and has an amazing ability to grasp how things fit together in his mind without the need of software or VR to know what he needs to wants to do to get something working.

Maintenance and Repair

Having firstly built a thing; Gavving has become intimately familiar with how to repair, fix, and maintain the inventions he makes and can, in a pinch, maintain and fix similar objects, inventions or creations given time to learn how they work and what is broken.

Technology Operation

As an extension to his physical building skills Gavving needs to know how to use most available technology in order to build, run, and maintain his creations. This also means he has knowledge in programming and coding of varying sorts as well as keeping current on software and hardware components so he can put them all to use effectively.


Gavving knows that being able to make his tech is one thing, but being able to inform others about it, and market it is another. From his time on Vandenberg, and from multiple classes on the subjects, he's managed to learn and employ a good deal of sociology, anthropology and diplomacy skills to effectively deal with people in general.


Having been raised to be independent and capable of looking after himself; Gavving can cook, clean, do his own laundry, pay his own bills, and do other basic chores around wherever he's currently calling home. He's not so good with the child-care aspect, but he's certainly got the potential to make a good parent at some point down the line.

Fighting - Weapons

Gavving has proficiency in small firearms and low caliber rifles and over years of having this information drilled into his head as a matter of safety by his sister and brother he can at least maintain, fix, and accurately use a good variety of weapons for self-defense purposes. Just don't plan on him becoming a universe famous sniper any time soon.

Inventory & Finance

Gavving Cathal has the following items:

Basic Clothing Basic Hygiene Items

OOC Notes

In the case Enansel becomes inactive: * Can this character be used as an NPC by a GM or FM? YES * Can this character be adopted after I am gone for a year? NO

Character Data
Character NameGavving Cathal
Character OwnerEnansel
Character StatusActive Player Character

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