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Alpheaus Nasica

Alpheaus Nasica is a Active Player Character played by Thekrimsonwulf.

Alpheaus Nasica
Species & Gender: Male Nepleslian
Organization: New Dusk Conclave 'Duskarian Legion'
Occupation: Ghost/ knight
Rank: Warrant officer
Current Placement: TBD

Physical Description

Alphaeus has blue eyes, a pale complexion, and rather soft features despite his squared jaw. Three piercings on each ear, and a scar across his left eyebrow. His hair color is a redish brown and usually slicked back.


Alphaeus is a quiet, more reserved man. Younger, though he has seen many hardships since becoming a citizen of the NDC. This has hardened his exterior in a way, in which he usually will keep to himself. Dedicated to fighting, and Serving his newly formed country. It usually takes all if not most of his time outside of his duties. A quietly driven man with usually working on his Mecha, or spending time in its cockpit.


Alpheaus Nasica was born 20ζ—₯ 1月 YE 16 in maharombi Delsauria. Born to a wealthy Nepleslian Merchant family Alphaeus spent his early years, studying aeronautics, learning more about the trade was a familial requirement. His father forced him time and time again to learn about ships, this further pushed the young man away from ships and towards airbikes. Leading the young Alphaeus towards racing circuits. Some of which were less than legal. His Father finding out eventually led to the destruction of his airbikes, and the continued beatings from his father. When finally, on his 18th birthday in YE 34, Alphaeus took his father's custom Styrling Silver Special .45 Caliber and killed the man in his sleep. Fleeing for his life, Alphaeus snuck in a transport ship, integrating into its crew after being found by the original crew. With nowhere to go, he wandered the void until stopping in port of the NDC. Seeing a frame for the first time while it and their pilot were on patrol. Alphaeus fell in love with the idea of piloting one. Leaving his crew. He joined the Duskerian Legion as a Ghost, to learn how to pilot such a, in his mind beautiful machine. Still new. He uses his knowledge and keen sense of danger to attempt several strategies or have a proverbial β€œplan b”.

Skills Learned

Technology Operation

Starship Operations






Social Connections

Alpheaus Nasica is connected to:

  • TBD

Inventory & Finance

Alpheaus Nasica has the following:

Alpheaus Nasica currently has 12,000 DS.

OOC Information

This page was created by thekrimsonwulf on 01, 02 2021 at 03:06 using the Character Template Form.

In the case @@Character Owner@@ becomes inactive:

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Character Data
Character NameAlpheaus Nasica
Character OwnerThekrimsonwulf
Character StatusInactive Player Character
NDC Character Database
NDC Career StatusActive Duty
NDC BranchLegion
NDC RankW1 Warrant Officer
NDC Job CodeWV Vehicle Operator

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