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John Quill

John Quill is a player character played by Charmaylarg.

John Quill
Species & Gender: Nepleslian Male
Date of Birth: YE 17
Organization: Independent
Occupation: Veterinarian/Doctor
Current Placement: Crimefest

Physical Description

  • Height: 6'1“ (73 Inches)
  • Mass: 144bs

Build and Skin Color:

Tall but lean with a thin wiry build, long arms, and big (if scrawny) hands. John has a very pale Caucasian skin-tone from spending most of his time indoors and in dimly lit makeshift surgical theaters in his offices basement.

Eyes and Facial Features:

Johns eyes are a dark brown. His jawline is thin, coming to a relatively cleft chin; cheekbones are high on the face. His nose is broad and flat, but looks as though its been twice broken. His lips are full. His teeth are bright white

Hair Color and Style

John Quill has a raven-black, side parted Mohawk and a long Goatee


John is soft spoken but clever, possessing quick wit, a filthy mouth, and a crude sense of humor which he is not at all shy about. While he seems to be a lazy and unmotivated to most, John Quill possesses a shrewd, cunning mind Despite appearing to be crude and craven. Despite his faults, like how vainglorious, cagey, and hedonistic he is, preferring to always keep himself and his image far above what he really is, He is capable of loving people very deeply.


John Quill was born in YE 15.

In the streets of Funky City when your dog, cat, parrot, Dog/Cat/Parrot mutant-hybrid is ill or in need of quality veterinary care and treatment, Come visit “Quill And Sons” Veterinary Clinic. Where our top veterinarian, Abigail Quill. And her son, The young and talented John Quill strive to exceed our clients' expectations by treating their pets with respect, honesty, and compassion and treating all animals as if they were our own. Our services are provided in a clean, safe, and friendly environment and our goals are to work as a team, complementing each others' talents and retaining a positive attitude.

From the curb, Abigail's clinic looked like a clean, well run establishment dedicated to the care and treatment of many of the most common and popular of the hives pets and their well being. But after business hours close, If you find yourself injured and unable to find proper care due to authority interference you need only enter through the unmarked, unlocked door in the back, And find yourself medical recourse available to criminals, who may make up her entire off-hours clientele, due to legitimate doctors having to report gunshot wounds and other wounds inflicted by violence to the proper authorities. A Back-Alley Doctor funded by organized crime is often in high demand. Abigail often performed perform crude medical procedures for cash. And usually patched up gangsters who have been shot, and performed black market organ donations.

John Quill was raised by this veterinarian and secret back-alley physician, Abigail Quill. Who, Upon finding out her short temper and volatile attitude made her love life scarce, And in a moment of rare maternal desire, adopted, or as she so often would remark, “Liberated” john at an age too young for him to remember.

John was raised into the two prospects of Abigail's clinic, The proper and polite treatments of animals, And the crude and malpractice treatment or street scum and gangsters. John quickly became a “Doctor” with medical credentials that where… less than ideal. One or more patients in the past may have died on his operating table due to improper procedures, mistakes, or lack of proper sanitation. Chances are they still do. Even so, he and Abigail got a lot of business, simply because they never asked any questions. They did, however, expect you to do the same.

Yet even with the income of the two businesses, Times where tough for John and Abigail. Abigail was only allowed to perform her side business under the protection and supervision of certain illicit groups, And often had to pay for protection and many of the back alley drugs and supplies she needed to operate to them for years. This didn't stop her love and care for John, one of the few people she truly valued and cared for in her life, And often times led her to spoil and pamper John into the same hedonist lifestyle as her, giving her son the impression that they where always a lot more well off then she let on, Often times giving John delusions of grandeur. As he grew older however, John learned the truth, and to this day takes on side jobs and work to support his and his mothers hedonist lifestyles.

Social Connections

John Quill is connected to:

  • Abigail Quill (Mother)

Skills Learned

Communications (Trade/Yamataigo)

John Is fluent in Trade. And basic Yamataigo, just enough to throw into his speech to sound more refined at times, and eavesdrop on conversations. Speaking the wrong word to a wounded thug on the table or his muscle headed friends can cost you your life. John quickly learned when not to use certain words or talk at all. He gets most things using persuasion and soft spoken words, though that doesn't always work. John writes very fast and neatly and has mastered the art of forging a doctors stereotypical and unlegeable signature.


John is no stranger to violence. For years people have tried to extort or manipulate John, his mother, and their trade, forcing him, after several experiences left him bruised and bloody, to learn to defend himself. John had learnt to advance his fighting skills to survive on the streets from some of his patients; often times his mother would offer discounts or waving past debts for lessons from thieves and rouges alike, for lessons with crude small arms like pistols, and blades. John, In particular took quite fast to blade work, A knife is no different from a scalpel in his hands.


John knows how to diagnose and treat most injuries and conditions, apply first aid and emergency care (CPR, etc), and perform general surgery if given the proper tools and facilities, but often has to settle for operating in a dimly lit, grungy, back-alley office, complete with nightmarish surgical tools which may or may not have been recently cleaned with whisky.


John has spent years of practice crafting and living the lie that he and his mother are somehow wealthy and well respected individuals. He's had considerable time and countless experiences to spin stories and craft lies and half truths alike. Through a soft spoken and well versed manner of speech, John is very adept at convincing others of any variety of things.

Inventory & Finance

John Quill currently has 3000 KS.

John Quill has the following items: |


  • 3 Suits of differing colors (All made with bulletproof wool)
  • 3 Suit-Vests
  • 3 Dress shirts
  • 2 pairs of dress shoes
  • 2 belts
  • 2 pairs of slacks
  • 3 ties
  • 4 pairs of regular Socks
  • 1 silver watch
  • 1 Pocket Flask


  • 2 standard Zen Arms .45 magazines (10 rounds ea.)
  • 2 Shoulder holster.
  • 4 Zen Arms double stack magazines (20 rounds ea.)
  • 600 rounds of .45
  • 1 Combat knife
Zarcam carbine 550 DA
Compensator 10 DA
Plasma Underbarrel 15 DA
Skeleton Stock 30 DA
Holographic Sight 20 DA


  • 1 Surgical kit.
1 Medical kit containing:
  • 1 IFAK containing bandages, Sutures, Tourniquets, Anti-Burn cream, Etc.
6,000 DA Starting Pay 6,000 DA
156,250 DA Bank Robbery 162,250 DA
-8,000 DA Laundering and purchases 154,250 DA
+500,000 DA Drug Heist 654,250 DA
-2,705 DA Weapons Purchases 651,545
+ 540,000 DA Heists 1,191,545 DA

OOC Information

In the case Charmaylarg becomes inactive:

  • Can this character be used as an NPC by a GM or FM? YES
  • Can this character be adopted after I am gone for a year? YES
Character Data
Character NameJohn Quill
Character OwnerCharmaylarg
Character StatusActive Player Character
Named Lilian

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