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Hadya Null

Hadya Null is a player character played by Pancakei. She appears in the Crimefest plot.

Hadya Null
Species & Gender: Iromakaunhe Female
Date of Birth: AR 912
Organization: Independent
Occupation: “Software Engineer”
Rank: N/A
Current Placement: Funky City

Physical Description

Hadya Null, often shortened to Null, is a short (5' 5“) Iromakuanhe female, with pale flesh skin and dark red hair, fairly athletic in build. Her horns are a dark grey in color, and look like they “pinch” her head, curving upwards into short points.

In the center of Null's rounded face are two cloudy red eyes, victims of total Hyphema. Because of this, Null's eyes appear to be much redder than usual with no visible pupil, and have rendered her eyes blind and irreparable without replacements.

Null is most often seen wearing rather bland colored clothing (not like she can see them anyways) covering most of her body. When out on the job or just in the mood, she is most often wearing a gray metal mask that covers her entire face, with two bubble-shaped red-orange lenses (with optional LED backlights) and a toothy grin scratched onto the front above the mouth.


Hadya Null, to get it out of the way, is very much questionably sane. She has a low sense of morals and doesn't have a clear difference between what is right and what is wrong. Despite this, she tends to come across as a warm person to those she's found allies with. She does not view her blindness in any sort of hopeless way, instead seeing it as a gateway to do better things. A bit of a tinkerer, Null also enjoys creating simple solutions to complex problems.

Likes: Computers, lemonade, tinkering, tough questions.

Dislikes: Whiners, losing, pirates, pop music.


Hadya Null was born into a relatively small space-faring family in AR 912. Living on the fringes of the Iromakaunhe Astral Commonwealth, Null's family worked busy lives repairing military ships and other devices. Null was born with a birth defect that eventually caused her horns to grow tight against her temples, leading to several physical issues in her childhood. Though the exact date is unknown, at some point in her early childhood, her family and neighboring colony were assaulted by an independent frigate operated by space pirates. Hadya and her family were taken into captivity, and she suffered an injury during the assault that, combined with her birth defects, caused complete Hyphema and blinded her for life.

Null doesn't catalog what happened during her time slaved onto that ship. Its not clear if she even remembers what happened, or her family. She doesn't write it down, she doesn't tell anyone. All that's known is that she lost her sanity and came out of captivity in early YE 37. Since then, she has changed her name and made Funky City her base of operations, working as a hacker-for-hire (as well as for her own personal endeavor).

Skills Learned


Null is a fluent speaker in Saalsari, as well as Trade. She can write in both, but cannot read anything unless it is presented in a digital form.

Adaptation (Living blind)

Null has learned from a young age how to cope with having no organic sight. She is capable of moving comfortably via the use of a cane, and has designed a personal face mask that uses sonar-esque technology to map out what is around her in a short radius and apply that live feed to a digital schematic. In addition, her hearing has developed above normal Iromakuanhe levels.

Personality wise, she has viewed her blindness not as a weakness, but rather as a strength and a motivator. She sees more through her technological antics than her organic eyes ever would have.

Mechanical Engineering

Null is an active tinkerer when she's not doing anything better, and has proven herself to be able to create small gadgets, modify hardware, and even design an adaptive face mask for increased situational awareness.


Null is a seasoned hacker and technological guru. Fueled by competitive spirit, Null has gone far enough to use illegally obtained symbiotics to aid with interfacing with computers and other technology. She is fluent in several coding languages used by multiple factions, and has her own home-brew security system for her own projects.


Null is self-trained in hand to hand combat, but by no means is a brawler. She prefers the use of a weaponized walking cane, but can shoot small arms as well (albeit with limited and tech-dependent accuracy).

Lemonade Drinking

Don't ask.

Inventory & Finance

Hadya Null has the following items:

  • Several outfits of no particular color combinations or preference.
  • One well worn coat
  • Bookbag
  • Purse
  • One straight EM-W4 Stun Baton
  • Several terabytes worth of stolen information
  • Two rooted and modified EM-G8 Type 33 Datapad
  • Several boxes of odds and ends of computer parts, mostly junk.
  • One reinforced lock-box for storing valuables
  • Renters lease on an apartment in Funky City
  • Investments in Nepleslian stock markets
  • A small plasma torch, mechanic grade
Second Chance Salvage Giveaway (YE 39)
  • Shipment of expensive textbooks (educational and great for display)
  • Chunk of powered armorsuit (WATER, Pelvis)
  • Container (OOC: with small group of armed Nepleslian thugs inside.)
  • Electrical wire and outlets
  • 1061 x Sedan Chair (60 lb)
  • 1 crate Constriction Bands

The Sneaky Stick

The Sneaky stick is an improvised melee weapon engineered by Null herself. It is a traditional blind cane, painted black, red and gray that stands at about 3' long. It is composed of four interconnected metal rods, connected by a three inch long flexible links between each segment, the handle, and the base. The base has a rounded dreidel shape and is weighted. Normally, the cane is together in one solid piece, with the links not exposed.

By releasing a switched concealed in the handle, the cane breaks from its solid form into a looser, more whip-like shape. In this form, it can be used almost in the style of a flail, allowing for a reach of about 4' 6”. It can also be folded into a compact size and stored while in whip form. It can be put back together by simply forcing the rods back into connection. While not as effective and primitive compared to a stun baton, the cane does its job and doesn't look like an obvious weapon in public.


Also a creation of Null's, her own personal mask. Composed of a rounded metal place covering the entire front half of her face, attached to an adjustable fabric strap that runs around the back of her head. The mask has two bubble-shaped lenses, orange in color and with optional backlighting for presentation. The mask has a toothy grin embedded on the front of the plate, running from one end to the other.

The mask serves two purposes, to conceal Null's identity while out, and to help her obtain spacial awareness. It is constructed partially from the gutted components of a Emrys Uno Sunglasses, providing many of the same basic functions. In addition to this, the mask also helps conceal any ear mounted tech, such as transmitters. The mask also muffles Null's voice to the outside, making it very hard to recognize.


Null uses illegally-obtained Saturation-type Endosymbiotes to create a wireless communications network using her brain, allowing her to connect to and utilize local networked technology, including those wired into her mask.

In addition, Null has several Extend-type Ectosymbiotes attached to her natural entry ports that act as interchangeable I/O ports for neural interfacing with computers, located particularly at the base of her neck and spine. She can interface with all Iroma computers, as well as most universal and some specialized Nepleslian ports (and their respective computers).

OOC Information

OOC Notes

In the case Pancakei becomes inactive:

  • Can this character be used as an NPC by a GM or FM? YES
  • Can this character be adopted after I am gone for a year? NO
Character Data
Character NameHadya Null
Character OwnerPancakei
Character StatusInactive Player Character

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