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Sairen system

Explored by YSS Aeon.

Star: Sairen

Heading Details
Type: M5 (Spectral Class)
Status Core is becoming unstable

Note: Star generates frequent stellar prominences, a vessel hit will be subjected to the following starship scale damage

Distance from star Damage Rating
.1 AU 5
.2 AU 4
.4 AU 3
.8 AU 2
1.6 AU 1

Sairen - 1 (Planet)

Heading Details
Type Terrestrial
Stellar Radius .5 AU from star
Surface Gravity 0.90 G
Length of Day 32 hours
Length of Year 279 days
Number of satellites None

Atmospheric composition

Nitrogen, oxygen predominantly, but also high with dust and other foreign matter.

This planet is being battered by the dying star in this system. There is evidence of great seas, but they have been mostly dried up. The remaining sea water trapped under a thick crust of baked detritus. Tectonic activity is high and ground quakes are frequent.


Heading Details
Equatorial high: 102ยฐ C
Equatorial low: -30ยฐ C

Planet is ravaged by coriolis storms that preceed the terminator. These storms generate winds in excess of 350 kph and scour the surface constantly.

Item of interest

Clusters of large crystals have been detected. Indicated in image as white dots. Individual crystals in these clusters range from 1-10 meters long. These crystals exhibit strong piezoelectric properties, in response to the radiation from the sun. Depending on the size of the cluster the energy is discharged either as random EM radiation, or as electric energy discharges. It was these EM bursts that lead the survey team to this system, and why they named it Sairen (Siren) after the old Earth legend.

The survey team encounterd one such cluster that struck a crew member in a Mindy-2 with an energy discharge equal to power armor DR 3. These crystals may have value in energy, communications or even weapon development. However, harvesting them will be extremely hazardous.

Sairen - 2 (Planet)

Heading Details
Type: Hydrogen Gas Giant
Stellar Radius: 5 AU from star
Surface gravity: 2.9 G
Length of Day: 87 hours
Length of Year: 3,282 days
Number of satellites 7

Sairen - 3 (Planet)

Heading Details
Type: Hydrogen Gas Giant
Stellar Radius: 6 AU from star
Surface gravity: 2.8 G
Length of Day: 87 hours
Length of Year: 3982 days
Number of satellites 11
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