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Ozoo is a system located a little over 60 LY from Yamatai (Planet). It is home to three different worlds, two of which are lava planets and the last of which, a rocky planet, has an unbreathable, toxic atmosphere. It is on the Western side of the Claw Nebula. This system has never been explored beyond cursory scans that showed all three planets to be completely uninhabitable. Around Ozoo there are currently five Antimatter Production Satellite set up by Koga Akemi.

Below the location of the system can be seen in the middle of the picture.

Star Data

The star of the Ozoo system is a white dwarf star. It is a rapidly rotating neutron star, or a pulsar. Below are statistics for the star. It is incredibly dense and lets off electromagnetic radiation.

  • Name: Ozoo
  • Type: White Dwarf
  • Mass: 20 ร— 10 kg
  • Semi-Major axis: 18 miles/30 km
  • Orbital period: 48 months/years
  • Rotation: 60 hours

Planetary Data

There are 3 planets in this system. Below is their statistical information.

Planetary Overview
Order Name Type Distance Mass Radius
1 Ozoo I Lava 10 million mi 24 to 10 kg 2,000 mi
2 Ozoo II Lava 15 million mi 31 to 10 kg 2,540 mi
3 Zo Rocky 30 million mi 13 to 10 kg 800 mi

Ozoo I

  • Type: Lava
  • Orbital Radius: 10 million mi
  • Period: 21 years
  • Gravity: 2 m/sยฒ
  • Planetary Population: 0
  • Natural Satellites: None
  • Facilities: None

Ozoo II

  • Type: Lava
  • Orbital Radius: 15 million mi
  • Period: xx year(s)
  • Gravity: 4 m/sยฒ
  • Planetary Population: 0
  • Natural Satellites: 2 moons
  • Facilities: None


  • Type: Rocky
  • Orbital Radius: 30 million mi
  • Period: 20 year(s)
  • Gravity: 19 m/sยฒ
  • Planetary Population: 0
  • Natural Satellites: None
  • Facilities: None

More information: Toxic atmosphere, crushing gravity

OOC Notes

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