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History of the Maras

After extremely unusual behavior, the Yamataian Armor Pilot Nakamura Sana of the YSS Sakura sought treatment for neurological damage discovered by Dr. Miles Gunn. While in Lorath care the cause was discovered to be far more horrifying than the crew of the Sakura had realized, with only 10% of Sana's neural matter being original to her own and the rest coming from individuals who all disappeared under mysterious circumstances on Nepleslia. Another very interesting observation was also made: the neural patterns and genetic material for a life-form neither Lor, Nepleslia or the Yamataian empire had ever discovered.

For this, Sana was kept for study and declared on medical leave. Soon after, the crew of the Sakura returned, Elisa Metea and Miles Gunn leaving to locate and rescue Sana who was now under Lorath Occhestian care in an underground laboratory. While under the care of the Lorath, an alien life form was extracted from Sana. Both Miles and Elisa chose to meet with this alien, resulting in a transfer of organic material into Elisa's body, the effects of which would be found out some time after the event.

During Elisa and Miles' visit to the Lorath compound, a kidnapping attempt was made by the “Black Spiral” who sought out Miles. Due to ambient radiation released by the Black Spiral's teleportation methods, Miles Gunn was severely damaged by radiation, this resulted in him being prematurely forced into a Yamataian body, the resulting emotional shock drove him to attempt to destroy the YSS Sakura. He was killed in his attempt, however, his neurological data was saved by the alien which was extracted from Sana, physical traces of Miles were also preserved within a cybernetic 'brain case'.

Shortly after Miles' death, Elisa's alien alteration began to take hold upon her mind and body. The stresses of her alteration to an alien physiology drove her to flee the YSS Sakura, with Miles' cybernetic components in tow. The reason behind many of her actions during this time seemed to originate from an alien voice which spoke within Elisa's head.

Due to the guidance of the alien presence, Elisa was guided to Nepleslia, where she saught out a method of travel to rejoin with the alien which was on Lor, and a method to evade the Star Army of Yamatai, which was in hot pursuit. Yamatai's pursuit took them to Nepleslian soil, where the crew of the YSS Sakura carried out a 'secret' mission to retrieve Elisa, this mission however failed due to additional Black Spiral interference. While Elisa was on Nepleslia, she was able to find passage aboard a Lorath merchant ship, which gave her safe passage to Lor, where she was able to reunite with the alien, which would soon be known as a Sourcian.

Rebeka Renata, the first Sourcian, was “discovered”, essentially resurrected from the neurological and physical data data stored upon an implant within Sana, the reason for Rebeka's presence within Sana remains a mystery however. After a period of extended study, Rebeka was released from high-security detention after her mere presence managed to summon her ship, the Maras, to Lorath space. The Lorath Matriarchy, finding an opportunity to benefit from the alien's presence, declared Rebeka to be an ambassador for her people, thus allowing Rebeka to stake claim upon her own ship, thus preventing it from falling into the hands of the Yamatai Empire.

Relationships were forged between the Matriarchy and Rebeka. Utilizing her ambassador status Rebeka leveraged to have the Maras repaired with the understanding that if she were to share technology, the Matriarchy would share information. However, with the imminent Mishhu threat, the crew of the Maras were forced to disembark, at which point they separated from the Lorath exodus convoy to evade detection by the 5th Expeditionary Force, and to scout out new relations for the Lorath Matriarchy.

Now in neutral space, Sana Nakamura set about reviving a perfect clone of Miles Gunn which was made by the Lorath Matriarchy, with a complete record of his memories up until the same day before he committed himself to being a traitor. The act of doing so, were it discovered, would only serve as to widen the scope of the offenses the crew had committed in their escape from their posts as Yamataian soldiers to aid their comrade, Sana, who was deemed AWOL for refusing to return to her post, which she was unable to do so.

Shortly after Miles' revival, the Maras and it's crew found its way into Nepleslian space, where talks were held between the Sourcian ambassador, the Lorath representative 'Dico', Nepleslian representatives, and a Freespacer representative. During these talks, a peace and trade agreement was signed between the Lorath Matriarchy, Nepleslia, the Free State, and the Sourcian.

After the diplomatic encounter, the Maras disembarked from port and made way north to the Free State's space. After a short stay, a Yamataian attack forced the ship to evacuate without its requested cargo, taking several thousand FreeSpacer SIs along with it. During the subsequent attack, damage to the wormhole device resulted in the Maras being relocated some 70 to 90 light-years North West of Yamatai, the crew not entirely sure of their location. Onboard, Takenaka Shizuka, a FreeSpacer slave and stow-away was discovered.

After a short stay in the Nyli system, the Maras was refitted to bring it more in line with what was needed of it. The updated Maras then set out with the Trishka set out on a special need-to-know mission. Upon reaching the objective, it would be revealed the target station and surrounding vessels were Occhestran owned and that a new jamming technology meant the Maras' unusual bank of sensors would be key in finding the base. Chambers, second in command of the Trishka would inform Rebeka that their head scientist Tai was “infected” on the return – Investigation revealing she was infact held by a lesser Sourcian.

On returning to Nyl, the Maras is due another refit thanks to extensive battle-damage and the need to blend in for their next mission.

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