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Baba Yaga

Baba Yaga is a roleplaying plot created October 4, 2017 by ArsenicJohn, and resumed by Bullroarer on April 1st, 2018.

Status: This plot is currently open for any approved character to join.

Note: The actions of characters in this plot do not necessarily represent the factions they are from.

Plot Overview

Baba Yaga is a plot centered around the privateers aboard the titular ship, the Baba Yaga. The ship is a variant of a β€œDivine Comedy” State-Issue Ayane obtained through trading with a Freespacer group.

The Baba Yaga is a privateer ship. With the desire of the crew to make a better life for themselves, the crew seeks profit and renown in the frontiers of the Kikyo Sector. All have their own reasons. Some merely sign on to make a wage, some come seeking fame and fortune, others just want a place to belong. With the retirement of Captain Mikhail β€œBruin” Zakharov, Justin McCallum assumed the Captaincy, who has his own motives as well, and they lead him and the crew to the frontiers. No matter their motives, all of them are joined in the pursuit of wealth for one reason or another.

Plot Details

Baba Yaga
Age Requirement 18+
Format Play-by-Post/Joint Post
Pacing GM posts every 5 to 7 days
Players 4
Current RP Thread (Baba Yaga) Chapter 3 - Bad Moon Rising
OOC Thread Baba Yaga OOC


Language Sexuality Violence
3 3 3

Characters and Players

Character Player Rank
Justin McCallum Bullroarer Captain
Augury Moonbeam Lynn 69-2114-3289 Bullroarer Bosun
azimuth NPC Navigator/SI
zephyrine Immortal Cyan Fighter Pilot
Lazarus Jack Pine Quartermaster ​
Sloan Rax Sloanrocks2 Assistant Bosun ​
Mattrick Patterson SirSkully Boogeyman ​

Open Positions

Many Boogeymen (Sailors) Phantasm Gunship Pilots

Articles of Agreement

  1. Every crewman shall have a voice in all affairs.
  2. Every crewman has equal right to all provisions.
  3. Captain receives five shares, as he is responsible for keeping the ship provisioned. First Mate and Quartermaster receive two shares. Bosun, Master Gunner, Phantasm Commander, and Navigator receive one and a half shares. Sailors, Pilots, and Gunners get one share. Cabin Boy will be given a half share.
  4. The Surgeon is guaranteed a salary of 800 DA or equivalent in the preferred currency weekly and is not to join the boarding party.
  5. Every crewman shall keep his weapons ready for battle. If they do not, the Captain may cut them from their share.
  6. If a crewman robs another, they shall be marked and marooned on the nearest station or populated planet.
  7. No striking another on board ship, every quarrel will be settled on a planetary surface with sword and pistol. The battle will continue until one is unable to continue, dead, or the aggrieved party is satisfied, whichever comes first.


Chapter One - In the Beginning

Bird is the Word

  • The Baba Yaga is founded, from an old divine comedy cruiser.
  • The first crew is welcomed aboard
  • Battle is joined with a L'kor Carrier
  • The L'kor Carrier is captured, with moderate losses among the boarding crew.

Smooth Criminals

  • Tipped off by a hacker on board, The Baba Yaga Sends A ship to rescue/steal anything of value.
  • A Small operation involving A Phantasm and a boarding torpedo.
  • The Merchandise is divided, a portion sold to Seven Deadly Virtues
  • Two Slaves are freed and brought back to the Baba Yaga.

Move Along

  • Two new crew are welcomed aboard

For the love of Money

  • The crew get paid and have some fun

Chapter Two - Short Change Hero

Master of Puppets

  • A Malevolent Force Moves against Asteria
  • Action happens on Kotoku I

Short Change Hero

  • New crew are hired.
  • Issues in Management causes the ship to head for port. Crew are paid off and discharged.

Chapter Three - Bad Moon Rises

War Pigs

  • Crew are Hired
  • A deal is struck to acquire new equipment

Bad Moon Rising

  • Hunting for treasure

OOC Notes

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