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The seventh and final planet in the Paracrux system, Styx is a volcanic planet that spews large amounts of ash into its thin atmosphere. This combined with its distance from its star has made it extremely cold.

Planetary Statistics

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  • Type: Small iron/silicate
  • Radius: 2614.63 kilometers
  • Surface Area: 8.59 x 10^7 square kilometers
  • Land Area: 8.68 x 10^7 square kilometers
  • Mass: 4.32 x 10^23 kilograms
  • Density: 5.77 grams per cubic centimeter
  • Composition:
    • 43.8% iron
    • 30.6% oxygen
    • 11.8% silicon
    • 11.1% nickel
    • 2.8% other metals
    • trace other elements


  • Gravity: 4.20 meters per second squared (0.43 Gs)
  • Escape Velocity: 4.68 kilometers per second

Rotation and Revolution

  • Period: 32.05 hours
  • Axis Tilt: 28.13 degrees
  • Orbiting: Paracrux
  • Orbital Radius: 3.65 x 10^9 kilometers (24.37 Astronomical Units)
  • Orbital Period: 1.24 x 10^6 hours (142.35 standard years)


  • Water: 0%
  • Ice: 24%


  • Type: Trace toxic
  • Pressure: 8.65 kiloPascals
  • Composition:
    • 51.6% carbon dioxide
    • 24.6% argon
    • 22% sulfur dioxide
    • 1.8% nitrogen
    • trace other gases


  • Type: Cool
  • Minimum Temperature: 115 Kelvins (-158 Celsius)
  • Average Temperature: 141 Kelvins (-132 Celsius)
  • Maximum Temperature: 163 Kelvins (-110 Celsius)

Special Features

Features that draw attention to this world.

Electromagnetic Storms

It is unknown how these storms can occur with such a thin atmosphere, but they have been observed on Styx. It is theorized that the atmosphere might be highly charged due to the radioactivity of the Planetary Ring.

Heavy Volcanism

Much like Merovarolor, Styx suffers from an unusual amount of volcanic activity. However, instead of it being perpetual, Styx Volcanism seems to be more cyclic. This allows the ash and the planets proximity from Paracrux to cool the climate down.

Ring of Death

A ring of stellar debris orbiting Styx at an orbital radius of 200,000 kilometers, the Ring of Death got its name from the intense radiation of the belt. Thorough surveys have not been done as of yet to determine the value of the ring.

OOC Notes

This page was originally created on 2013/06/11 14:36 by Abwehran Commander.

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