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Sargasso: The Projects

Here is a list of notable areas and locations in Sargasso's Projects district.

Ferros Block

A large block of apartments with a large central lobby that stretches from the ground floor to the top floor of 33. Each apartment in the building designed to fit a family of two comfortably, with two bedrooms, a bathroom, a kitchenette and a living room that doubles as dining space. As time went on, adventurous tenants set up a zip-line system to take advantage of the open space in the centre of the building. A majority of the current population still call Ferros Block home.

Luca Pavone and his daughter Vita live in Apartment 7-02.


A series of houses built on water and supported by deep foundations and rigid stilts. Originally meant to be tourist accommodations, they break the spartan aesthetic of the rest of the city by taking cues from Yamataian designs, emphasising smoothness and form over function. They somehow remain fairly good looking and solid, and all they need is a few licks of paint and some replacements to come back to speed.

Dr. Letz Shakes'

Nestled between two buildings, up some stairs and highlighted by a neon sign, Dr. Shakes' clinic seems to be the only honest place to have a few bullets removed at two in the morning with properly sterilised tools and steady hands - no questions asked. Dr. Shakes and his pair of medical understudies were Nepleslian Space Marine medics and doctors, mostly familiar with combat injuries.

In spite of being the only truly legitimate, trustworthy medical facility in Sargasso - they are able to cater to the town's tiny population. Dr. Shakes has toyed with the idea of employing more people if the city's population expands, but with the low population and income, he couldn't afford bigger facilities or more permanent staff.

With the increasing population, Dr. Shakes' facilities have expanded with grant of money from the proprietors and construction undertaken as a proactive measure. He now employs twelve staff, able to work around the clock while his initial two interns, Aimee and Anthony have been promoted to seconds-in-command.

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