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Apply to Become A Game Master

To become a Star Army Game Master and apply for a forum, you need to start a role-play plot. Anyone can apply.

Note: You do not need to be a GM to start or run a roleplaying thread.


To become or remain a Game Master on Star Army, one must satisfy the following requirements:

  • Actively roleplaying in one or more of Star Army's canon role-playing forums for 3+ months.
  • Frequent online availability.
  • Demonstrated responsibility and helpfulness.
  • Demonstrated creativity.
  • Permission from the site administrator.

Previous GM experience is preferred but not required.

:!: Creating a faction does not entitle someone to be a game master. Game Masters guide plots, not factions. Game masters weave stories around the player characters with the ingredients available (the setting) and those ingredients are usable by all GMs. You are not a game-master unless you're actually running a group of players.

:!: Forum moderators are separate from game masters. Some GMs may be moderators (usually the case for plot forums), while others might not be. Some moderators are not GMs. Being a GM does not require or entitle you to be a moderator.

Posting Your Application

Make a post the OOC Planning & Looking for RP forum.

Please include the following in your post:

  • Your plot concept.
  • Your plot format.
  • Your recruiting plan to find players for your plot (and players already committed).
  • Your previous experience with running plots.
  • Your normal daily schedule and free time
  • Other Items of Interest

Plot Concepts

Your plot should have a plan for at least its first mission and an overall theme that is interesting.

State whether the plot will contain 18+ content - those plots are given hidden forums and are restricted to members 18 and older only.

Plot Formats

A plot's format is the technical details on how the plot is actually played out. On Star Army, there are two main methods, forum-only single posts and chat joint posts (See: Roleplaying) that are edited afterward and posted to the forum. Plots may use one or both methods.

Recruiting Plan

You will need to post your detailed plan on how you intend to populate your plot with players. You can recruit inside the community and outside, but because most current players are already involved in plots, outside recruiting is preferred and inside-only recruiting is strongly discouraged. Bring new players into the community! Preferably you should have a minimum of two or three players committed to your plot before you open it.

Showing Previous Experience

Since Game Masters represent our site, we want to feel comfortable you have a good idea of what you're doing.

Show us things like:

  • A sample of previous writing/roleplay from SARP or another site
  • Recommendations from persons you previously roleplayed with
  • Your roleplaying β€œresume” with your history, etc.

It's okay to be a first-time Game Master.

Your Free Time

A Game Master that is never around is not very effective. If you want to run a plot, you'll need to have the free time available log on and make posts on a regular basis. We want to know if you'll be able to dedicate the time and effort needed to keep your plot running.

Other Items of Interest

You're free to add other information, like:

  • Why you chose Star Army over other RP sites
  • Do you have art skills?
  • Do you have a military background? (just wondering, it may be helpful for running military RPs)

Application Processing

Administrator Wes will consider and evaluate your application and respond. Consideration comes from the items above, your history on Star Army (including forum warnings, post count, and join date), and feedback from other players and GMs. You may be asked for additional details if your original post wasn't comprehensive enough.

Once You're Approved

Once your application is approved, you'll want to get the technical side of things set up:

Forum Setup

If you want a forum, you should private message Wes with the following:

  • Plot Forum Name
  • Plot Forum Description Paragraph (and plot motto and banner image, if applicable)
  • Plot Forum Suggested Moderators
  • Is the plot public? Or 18+ (hidden)?

Wiki Setup

  • Create your plot's wiki page right away.


  • Write a two-paragraph advertisement for your plot and post it in the Advertising Lab thread in the GM Communication forum.

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