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Harbour Master Act

This legislation suggested by Crown Prince Tio passed in YE 30 by unanimous approval by the UOC Assembly.


The safety of our territories is important; the way we hand our ports and the goods and people flowing into them is key to maintaining our sovereignty.


1. That the UOCPF will form a division of ships and personnel to serve under the Office of the Harbor Master, who will report to the Grand Peacekeeper.

2. The Harbor Master will impose the following edicts:

  • Harbor Zones are defined as 0.5 LY of space surrounding each star system under UOC control.
  • Scanning stations will deployed in the 0.7 LY from each star system.
  • No military vessels of any foreign nation may enter a Harbor Zone without a representative of the Harbor Master's Office aboard. Incoming foreign warships and all civilian or cargo vessels must follow the following procedure:

Harbor Zone Procedures

A. Upon reaching designated borders request passage into UOC territory.

B. When reaching the edge of the harbor zone, where they will meet one of three clearance levels. Harbor Masters have the right to search cargo intended to be left behind in the colonies. The harbor master, will provide instruction for entering the systems, as well as docking or positional information.

Clearance Levels

  • Green: Immediate clearance following active scanning, granted by having UOC sanctioned scanning devices aboard cargo vessels. These will be made available for purchase.
  • Yellow: a representative of the harbor master's office will come aboard, give a routine inspection, conduct visual and electronic scans of cargo.
  • Red: the vessel must submit to an intensive inspection by the harbor master's office.

The Harbor Master is also to be knowledgeable about the affairs of the UOC, so that they can answer any questions in regards to attractions or services. While being a protective safe-guard for UOC citizens the Harbor Master

C. The only vessels permitted to have armed-weapons systems within the harbor zones are Peacekeeper vessels.

D. Active targeting scans, evasive scans or attempts to circumvent the Harbor Master's authority will be subject to defensive response.

E. All vessels entering UOC space are subject to scans and reasonable internal inspection.

F. Foreign Military personnel are welcome on UOC worlds and bases, we however find it mandatory that they do so without weapons.

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