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Antimatter Munitions

Designer: Velor Tomoe Tur’Lista Manufacture: Lorath Psionics House, Lorath Warrior House. Intended Use: Anti-Armor munitions. Status: Outdated prototype munition


When the Lorath Matriarchy first encountered the YSS Sakura, a significant threat of assault was apparent, thus development of a new weapons system became a priority. When it was found that much of the Lorath weapon technology was inferior to the armor technology of the “Grand Star Army of Yamatai”, a munitions was selected that would be able to negate the armor in the most efficient manner, and at the same time be easy to produce. Antimatter based explosives were then selected as the means.

Development of this weapon was carried out during the time frame before the second bout of negotiations with the Yamatai Star Empire.

Technical Information

The construction of the antimatter warhead is accomplished by the use of a “magnetic canister” that holds the compressed antimatter charge until detonation. The construction of the canister causes it to “breach” and cause the antimatter contents to come into contact with the designated target and go about destroying the matter of the target first, instead of the matter of the rocket delivery system. The antimatter ordinance technology is able to be applied to weapons of various sizes due to the rather simple construction method used to produce the weapon. Additionally, each rocket delivery system has a small neural gel computing system that aids in the steering of the rocket towards its designated target while avoiding defensive fire, and calculating counter measures to evasive maneuvers. These targeting procedures can also be dictated by a Lorath that is equipped with a neural interface device, or a Lorath who is gifted with Psionics. A manual control is also built in, this control relies upon a laser guidance system used to “paint” a target, this laser guidance system can also be used to steer the rocket in an evasive manner while guiding it towards the target.

Fuel: The fuel for the warhead is a simple solid fuel similar in composition to “Balistite”. When longer ranges are required or additional maneuvering thrust, a multi-stage system is put into use.

Containment: Containment of the antimatter is accomplished by the use of a highly focused electromagnetic field system. This electromagnetic system is applied to a “canister” of sorts that holds the antimatter in a manner that compresses the antimatter particles to allow for an optimal payload for the size of the container. When additional payload is required, a cooling system is put into place to create a “snowball” of antimatter particles, due to the size restrictions imposed by the cooling system, this method can only be used on larger applications, such as long range missiles.

Damage: A matter antimatter conversion takes place upon detonation, thus annihilating an equivalent amount of matter in relation to the amount of antimatter contained inside of the warhead of the rocket. The resulting matter/antimatter reaction generates an explosion comprised of heat energy, electromagnetic radiation.

OOC Notes

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