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Lorath 105mm Multi-Purpose Railgun

Produced since 75 years prior to YE 01, the 105mm railgun system has been a standard of Lorath Matriarchy artillery engineering, and for many years has faithfully served the Lorath military up until their contact with the Yamatai Star Empire, at which time its outdated munitions designs were found lacking in capability against modern armor materials, however, with a minor refit and the production of new munitions, the 105mm railgun has received a second breath of life.

General Information

Designer: Lorath Occhestian Caste. Manufacturer: Lorath Occhestian Caste until YE 29, now produced by Lorath Self Defense Force and United Manufacturing Cooperative. (Suggested) Price: 150,000 KS.

Name: “Iron Rain” 105mm Rapid-Fire Railgun. Type: Railgun. Model: RG-001-VM-SPW (Rail gun 001 Vehicle Mounted Solid Projectile Weapon) Role: Anti-mecha, Anti-starship, Anti-tank Classic Artillery Model Length: 50 Meters. Modern Model Length: 18 Meters. Classic Model Weight: 15 Tons. Modern Model Weight: 8 Tons. Role: When deployed on planet, serves as an over-the-horizon artillery piece, as well as an orbit-denial defensive turret. When deployed in space operations, can serve as an anti-starship or point-defense weapon.

Technical Information

Ammunition Type 105mm Ammunition

Firing Mechanism: Ammunition is fed into the four firing chambers of the weapon through the use of an automated robotic arm system which pulls rounds from a magazine. Once chambered, the firing chamber seals prior to the engagement of electromagnetic acceleration rails. Once activated, the acceleration rails deliver electromagnetic forces upon the munition casing, propelling it out of the barrel of the weapon.

Caliber: 105mm Effective Range @ 1G: 15,000km during standard planetary operation, 1 Light-Second in space operations. Maximum Range: 85,000 km planetary with proper trajectory, theoretically unlimited in space. Minimum Range: 0. Muzzle Velocity: .5c Muzzle Blast: A minor distortion of ambient light. Firing Mode(s): Single shot, multi-barrel, multiple round simultaneous impact. Recoil: Heavy. Chambers: Four. Rate of Fire: 100 rounds per minute.

Ammo Description Name: 105mm Ammunition Visual Description: The ammunition is stored inside of a large cylindrical magazine inside of the vessel or vehicle the weapon is mounted to.

Weapon Mechanisms Safety: Yes, ship/vehicle-board computer system. Fire mode selector: Yes, ship/vehicle-board computer system. Weapon Sight: Yes, ship/vehicle-board computer system in unison with ship’s sensors. Attachment Hard points: Yes, there are attachment hard points on the underside and topside of the weapon. These hard points are used to attach the weapon to the vessel/vehicle’s hull or interior mounting.

Maintenance Information Field Maintenance Procedure: Replace worn parts with new ones, return to shipyard or base of operations if damaged severely.

Visual Description

Classic models of the railgun system are fifty meters in length and five meters in width along the barrel, ten meters at the chamber assembly. There is a smooth metal casing over the weapon covering large reinforced magnetic rails and energy conduits. Modern models of the railgun system are 18 meters in length, and six meters at the chamber assembly. Much like the original classic model, there is a smooth metal casing over the various components of the weapon.

Overall appearances may vary depending on mounting application.

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