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Lorath Shield System Technology

Due to the inherent dangers of space travel, especially when dealing with other species, the Lorath have developed a series of shield systems to protect their star ships, mecha, and vehicles. These shields span a range of capability and function and have been developed to stand up to the rigors of combat against the enemies of the Lorath, and the Yamatai Empire.

Electromagnetic Shielding

Through the use of a series of high power magnetic field generators, the unit is able to rapidly create a magnetic bubble around itself which would be able to protect it from incoming attacks which are comprised of matter (Projectiles, plasma streams, particle beams). The magnetic shield unfortunately does not serve as strong enough protection to deflect subspace encased positron beams and raw-energy attacks. The magnetic shield systems of the unit are capable of producing a tightly confined magnetic field which can be sustained as a bubble, or as a directed 'wall'.

DR Ratings

Shield Modifier - Advanced (0.8 x base SP)

Plasma Shielding

Through the use of venting plasma with a proper charge and utilizing electromagnetic fields, units with plasma shielding technology can construct a plasma based forcefield which can be utilized to deflect or block projectiles, energy beams, particle beams, and kinetic impacts.

DR Ratings

Shield Modifier - Advanced (0.8 x base SP)

Gravitational Shielding

Through the use of gravity manipulation technology such as graviton emitters, gravity field generators, and gravitic engine systems; a gravitational shield can be projected from the unit with the proper equipment for doing so. Gravity shield technology is capable of deflecting projectiles, manipulating air pressure and currents, manipulating energy streams, and most of all; blocking Scalar based attacks.

DR Ratings

Shield Modifier - Advanced (0.8 x base SP)

About Multiple Shield System Damage Ratings, Scale

Due to the technicalities involved in working out damage ratings for multiple active shield systems, the following scale is to be used to provide shield modifiers for ships using multiple protective systems at one time (EM, Plasma, Gravitic). Shield values are increased from the individual 0.8 due to multiple-shields in Lorath applications being engineered to work in tandem to improve performance and results.1)

Ship Type Shield SP
Ship x1.0
Heavy Armor x1.0
Light Armor x1.0
Personal x0.8
Electromagnetic shields hold together plasma cohesion for example.

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